Zojirushi Coffee Maker

Zojirushi coffee maker from the rising sun. Many of you might not think of the Japanese as great coffee drinkers, but you’d be misinformed. And this brings us to today’s topic which is the Zojirushi coffee maker. I haven’t had the privilege of visiting Japan yet, but it is certainly on my wish list. I’ve heard great things from many people who have had the opportunity to visit the island nation of Japan. The culture of respect, the technological excellence and cleanliness of Japan have attracted many folks. And many folks enjoy Japanese electronics and the Zojirushi coffee maker is no exception.

Zojirushi coffee has been around since 1918, and just off the top of my head I’m not certain if that was during or just at the end of the first World War. Doesn’t matter really as this isn’t an article on the history of wars, it’s about the enjoyment of coffee. The company first became known as Zojirushi in 1961 and those of you who understand Japanese realize that Zojirushi means “elephant mark”. And if you didn’t know what it meant then you will now appreciate why the elephant is prominent on their logo.

More than just the Zojirushi coffee maker

Zojisrushi from my understanding is well known for their rice cookers, even though they are a kitchen appliance manufacturer, it has been their rice cookers that have outsold their Zojirushi coffee makers.

Zojirushi is well known for their stainless coffee maker which is also a thermal coffee maker. In fact most searches for their coffee makers will pull up the Zojirushi thermal coffee maker. They also manufacturer a lot of thermal carafes that would be used at banquets and other large functions or catering events. Being Japanese of course means that the quality is dependable and reliable. And it is for this reason why I think so many people are starting to look at the Zojirushi coffee maker as their coffee maker of choice.

Just the Zojirushi coffee maker

They don’t make commercial espresso machines or coffee makers that use coffee pods and they also don’t make a vacuum coffee maker if that is what you’re after. Their coffee machines are strictly for making coffee, not fancy Italian espresso beverages. But most folks who try the Zojirushi coffee machines end up very pleased. The most popular one at the time of this writing is the Zojirushi EC-BD15 fresh brew thermal carafe coffee maker or Zojirushi thermal brew for short.

It brews coffee into a large 1.5 liter (50 ounce) thermal carafe that is stainless steel. It also has a clock and timer so you can set and forget and wake up to the fresh and yummy stainless carafe full of coffee in the morning. The coffee stays fresh and hot for at least 4 hours and that could be in part thanks to the fact that their is attention to detail in this machine. For instance, the coffee filter holder is insulated so that the water stays hot while it is dripped through the coffee grounds in the filter. Not only does this keep the coffee hot but it also contributes to the full extraction of coffee from the ground coffee beans.

Another nice touch with this Zojirushi coffee maker is that you can pause the brew to pour a cup or two. It does this automatically for you and will shut off the valve for 30 seconds. I think this system works way better than others where it just uses a spring loaded mechanism to shut off the brewing. For around eighty to a hundred dollars, this Zojirushi coffee maker is a terrific coffee machine that you’d do well to consider.