Wooden Coffee Tables

Wooden coffee tables are classic and timeless pieces of furniture. But more than that, a wood coffee table is about getting back to the basics. It’s a natural product and it’s a way to invite nature back into our home as we’ve grown so far removed from our environment. I have an oak coffee table and every morning when I place my coffee mug on its worn face I give pause to reflect. There is something about oak coffee tables and mine in particular that causes me to give thanks to the Earth for the many blessings. I reflect, if only briefly on the coffee plant and all the farmers that contribute to my enjoyment of this delightful elixir. I also give thanks for the oak trees and the pine trees and the other trees that bless us with their wooden bodies.

Call me a tree hugger if you will, but it is important for me and I think us generally to reconnect with the environment and appreciate the things that come to us relatively easily. My coffee ritual in the morning. The grinding of the beans, the aromas and my lowly wooden coffee table helps me interact and reengage with the cycle that brings me my morning coffee. I love learning about the coffee plant, the roasting and brewing and it seems that having a real wood table is really about acknowledging that. Plus, they’re just warm and charming, especially if you have the more natural look, allowing the wood’s personality to shine through.

Mixing it up with wooden coffee tables

Now I have friends who have iron coffee tables and they’re wonderful too, but a very different colder and perhaps industrial look. But I’ve seen an iron coffee table with a wooden table top and it was very charming and elegant.

Wooden coffee tables can include all sorts, they can be modern coffee tables like the Noguchi coffee table, an extremely popular and contemporary design. This design is tear shaped or oval, but there are modern designs in the square coffee table if you prefer a square look to something more rectangular which is what my oak table is like.

An additional benefit of wooden coffee tables in my experience, is that they require very little maintenance. Once a week or so I just wipe down my coffee table with a damp cloth and then about once a month I give it a polish. Very easy, very simple. And nowadays there are some great environmentally friendly polishes out there for all sorts of different woods. So please don’t be put off by a wood coffee table if you fear that it requires a lot of upkeep because it doesn’t.

A pine coffee table as well as an oak coffee table is very often offered as round coffee tables, you’ve probably seen the type. They’re very often used as dining or kitchen tables too. Though they do make them lower to the ground as well so that they can be used by your couch as a legitimate coffee table. If you’re looking for a little bit of color, the wood coffee tables are very versatile. Although not as popular, you can get a white coffee table or an elegant black glass coffee table for very contemporary looks. And of course, there is nothing stopping you from painting or varnishing your own wooden coffee table with the color of your choice.

Other options in wooden coffee tables

Also, if you’re looking for a lift top coffee table you’ll likely find them easily if you expect them to be made from wood. As of yet, I haven’t found such a table made from anything but wood, though I’m sure there are boutique firms out there making wrought iron coffee tables with a lift top too.

Nevertheless, it seems to me that the most versatile type of coffee table and perhaps the most popular is the wooden coffee table. There is just so much choice available. I love my plain old oak coffee table but there is something for everyone. And there is a wood coffee table at a price point that will please everyone. From the 20 to 50 dollar garage sale to the thousands of dollars for some high end designer’s one of a kind coffee table. Every home deserves a few wooden coffee tables – or one – in my humble opinion.