Wood Coffee Table

The wood coffee table. Practically in every home. And for great reason too. We rely on trees for so much that I think we often take it for granted. So let’s take a few moments today to talk about and reconnect and recognize the importance of trees in our lives. Not just for wood coffee tables but for all the other bounty that they bestow upon us.

As you know, or maybe you don’t, depending on how much of this blog you’ve read, I enjoy an oak coffee table. And probably next to that, the next most common type of wooden coffee table is the pine coffee table. Though those of you enjoying pine coffee tables will probably argue with me that they are the more popular type of round wood coffee table.

The tree behind the wood coffee table

Anyway, regardless of your preference for a solid wood coffee table, wood coffee tables are in every home. And when you think of it, practically every home is made of wood, and we beautify our land with trees. They offer shade, and nourishment as well as just pure beauty. The represent steadfastness, loyalty, yielding and acceptance. I love trees, as you can probably tell. But before I turn this article into an ode to the tree, let’s get back to the topic of hand, the wood coffee table, with just a quick side trip down the bounty of the tree. Nuts, fruits, seeds, so many of these foods are given to us by the beautiful trees in our yard and vineyard. I shudder to think what life would be like without any trees. Well actually we wouldn’t be around to find out. The amount of oxygen that trees produce and the carbon dioxide they filter is astounding.

But there I go again, getting side tracked. But even our morning coffee, although produced by a bush is closely related to a tree wouldn’t you agree? Trees and bushes are really just siblings. So we owe a lot to the humble trees that we take for granted.

The cherry coffee table is an example of one of the many varieties of trees that are used to produce furniture and of course coffee tables. Although it does produce a fruit or more like a prune that is called a drupe, they aren’t the yummy cherries that we enjoy at the super market. However the cherry wood coffee table is a highly prized and often expensive table because of the beauty and nature of the wood.

In fact, I’d argue that probably in 90% or perhaps more of all coffee tables sold, wood is involved in its production. Just think about it for a moment. The Noguchi coffee table, a classic and elegant design from the mid 20th century has wooden legs. In fact, searching for a lift top coffee table, I was hard pressed to find one that didn’t have a large amount of wood in the legs, table top etc. The oval coffee table and the white coffee table that I’ve seen at many home furniture stores are usually solid wood, though you can find them as a glass top coffee table as well. But in that case the legs are often wood.

The wood coffee table is everywhere

Even the marble coffee table is often one with a wooden base to hold up the heavy marble. Can you imagine how heavy it would be without that? You oftentimes have to go to modern coffee tables if you are trying to excluded wood from your coffee table. And then you are most often left with the plastic coffee table or as I’ve often seen, a black glass coffee table where the whole table is one piece of molded glass. Another example of a modern coffee table that I quite like is the iron coffee table that will have either steel or iron legs holding up a glass table top. Oftentimes, you’ll find the glass to have a screen or print design on its face which can add quite a nice aesthetic quality to it.

However, I confess to preferring the wood coffee table above all others. And any type of wooden coffee table though I think I prefer the warmer, yellow woods like the oak coffee table I spoke about earlier. The pine coffee table is amongst my least favorite, if just because of the hues and colors of the wood. I’m not the biggest fan of the red tones in wood, although I’ll take a cherry wood coffee table or a dark wood coffee table over a pine table.

And being the nature lover that you can probably tell I am, I really enjoy a rustic wood coffee table like something you might find in a mahogany coffee table. But until I have a bigger house and can afford a large coffee table I’m happy and quite content with my wood coffee table made from oak.