Why You Should Stay Away From Coffee Enemas

Enema is the process of introducing liquids into the colon and rectum by injecting it through the anus. There are various reasons why this is performed and some see it as a beneficial medical procedure.

History of Enema-
The practice of enema was more common in the past. It was actually used for treating all kinds of problems. It was considered as a sort of cure it all in Europe right before the 19th Century. This was so popular back then that even the nobility in Europe at that time was into it.

Enema Action- Enema is usually performed by using a device that can introduce liquid through the anus. It is usually made up of the syringe or the part that is introduced or inserted into the anus, the container of the fluid and the part that pressures the fluid into the anus. As more and more fluid is introduced the lower intestinal tract becomes bloated and it expands even more, the person experiences an uncomfortable feeling. As the procedure gets the urge to evacuate becomes unbearable until the person having the procedure can no longer control it. The process can clear the lower intestinal tract completely.

This process is used as a medical treatment and as an alternative healing process. There are also those who use it as a recreational activity or as a form of sexual gratification.

Enema as a Treatment
– As we have mentioned enema has been thought of in the past as a cure it all for most of the problems concerning the abdomen. If one was having a stomach ache, enema was the best way to treat it. Having problems with constipation? Then have a good round of enema. It was almost always the recommendation of doctors before there was a more scientific study of medicine. It was kind of like bleeding which is another cure it all treatment from the past.

Unlike bleeding however enema did survived into the days of modern medicine. The reason why it is still being used is because it does have its benefits. Its main use is as a stimulant of bowel movement much like laxatives. It is still used a treatment for constipation though some people prefer to use oral laxatives now. It is also used for cleansing the colon and the lower digestive tract before an operation or a medical procedure. In extreme cases it can also be used as a means of fluid replacement for the body.

Uses in Alternative Medicine
– The use of enema in alternative medicine has also become common these days. It is mainly identified with cleansing and detoxifying procedures, though in the United States today the use of enema for these purposes is being regulated.

Enema Solutions– There are various enema solutions used today. Water is usually mixed with several materials in order to achieve a better effect. Baking soda and hand soap are the two most commonly added substances to water to stimulate bowel action. Buffered sodium phosphate is another material normally added to the water for enema which draws additional water into the colon. Sometimes mineral oil is also used in the solution for lubricating the bowel movement. The problem with oil is that its effects might last for too long. You might still feel yourself leaking even after 24 hours. In the past a solution made up of equal parts milk and molasses which has been heated slightly was also common. Perhaps the safest solution in use today is the isotonic saline which does not draw electrolytes from the body.

But by far the most controversial solution to be used for enema is coffee. Yes, that’s right, coffee. It is used as a solution by those who believe that enema can be used in alternative medicine.

Coffee as an Enema Solution- There is a practice right now that is fast gaining popularity among those who are into alternative medicine. This practice is the use of coffee as a solution when performing enema. Those who are into it claim that coffee has some qualities that makes it ideal for use with this purpose in mind.

Like regular enema using coffee can cause the intestines to be evacuated and cleared effectively. Another positive effect claimed for the use of coffee as an enema solution is the increase of bile flow into the small intestines which makes it more alkaline. Experts agree that making the body more alkaline is better for attaining good health. It is also believed that coffee can act as a sort of astringent to the walls of the colon cleansing away all of the bad substances that can be found there.

Toxins in the Intestines
– It is claimed by those who believe in alternative medicine that one of the major reasons for ill health is the production of toxins inside the body. These toxins are usually produced by having a poor diet or if there is something that is wrong with the digestive system. When the food that we eat is not digested properly the sugar in it starts to ferment and the protein may begin to putrefy. If they stay within your system they can end up further producing toxins which might end up in your liver.

When the bile flow is increased because of having a coffee enema the toxins can be taken away and removed so that it does not affect the liver anymore.

Why Take it from the Other End? – One of the common questions posed by those who encounter coffee enema for the first time is, “Why can’t we just drink coffee?” The answer is that while drinking coffee can bring in the same benefits there are some negative effects that can be brought about by taking coffee orally. One common problem cited about drinking coffee is that it can irritate the stomach and that it can cause acid reflux. But before you start taking your extra coffee through the other end you have to be aware of the risks that you are running when you do coffee enema.

The Problem with Coffee Enema
– As we have mentioned earlier coffee enema is a controversial procedure with a lot of people claiming that it really does not bring any benefit that would justify its use over those of other enema solutions. Detractors of the procedure point out that the so called benefits to be had from using coffee as an enema solution are not scientifically proven. There is also the danger of anal tearing by introducing a foreign object to it. Introducing hot liquid into the rectum can also result in burns. Then there is the danger of dehydration with the use of a procedure such as enema. Finally there is the danger of infection from the objects used for the procedure. No matter how clean you try to be with the implements there is always the danger of infection.

Frankly this procedure does not have enough proven benefits to make its use justified. I would not recommend it to anyone just yet. I would suggest that you wait for more scientific results that will back up its use before you try it out or if you really think that it can benefit you then seek some professional medical help for it.