Wholesale Coffee Beans

Wholesale coffee beans. We’re talking about wholesale coffee beans today, mostly from the perspective of folks who own or are thinking of starting a coffee shop. If you’re into coffee franchises or looking for coffee franchise opportunities, you’ll likely find that most of those companies provide the coffee for you. But I hope you’ll get some good information from this post anyway. The information here will also help you source coffee supplies and I’ll also put my mind to the home consumer. Many of us are looking forward to roasting our own coffee beans at home. I know I’ve done it and I love it. There is nothing better than roasting your own green coffee beans. So let’s get going shall we.

When it comes to finding wholesale coffee beans you can find them either roasted for you, in which case you’re just buying a large quantity, usually 5 pounds or more, of the coffee at discounted rates. Or, and this is where I’m going to focus most of my coffee klatch on, you’re buying bulk green coffee beans to roast at home or at your own coffee shop.

Roasting wholesale coffee beans at home

Personally, I find there is nothing better than roasting wholesale coffee beans at home. To own a small boutique coffee shop would be heavenly. Roasting coffee all day. I just love the smell of roasting wholesale green coffee beans. And the great thing about roasting your own beans for home use is that you can use it for whatever type of cappuccino machine or Bodum coffee makers you like. You could even make your own coffee pods like the ESE coffee pods as long as you have a coffee pod machine to make them. You would of course have to a KitchenAid coffee grinder or equivalent. You wouldn’t need a commercial coffee grinder unless you were roasting wholesale coffee beans for your retail store.

Nowadays, everything is available for the home consumer to have their own little home roaster and have their bulk coffee beans to buy and roast. That way you’ll have the freshest coffee you’ve ever tasted in your life. You can find bulk green coffee beans for around $3 per pound which would include some very nice organic and fair trade coffee beans to roast at home. You just have to look around a bit and find a reputable wholesaler of coffee beans.

Wholesale coffee beans for your coffee shop business

For those of you looking for wholesale coffee beans for your own coffee shop, here’s what I would do. I’d keep a very keen eye on the spot prices of coffee. As I write this the spot price of coffee is around 157 cents per pound. When looking to buy my wholesale coffee beans I wouldn’t want to pay more than double that price. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, as I write this, I can find wholesale green coffee beans for around $3 a pound for quantities as small as 5 pounds.

If you’re buying 25 pound bags of wholesale coffee beans or more, you should easily be able to get a better rate. I’ve spent some time searching around the Internet looking for reliable wholesale coffee bean sellers without a lot of luck. Your best bet would be to head to your public library and ask the librarians for what you need. They’ll likely direct you to a coffee trade rag that at the very lease will have advertisers in it who sell wholesale coffee beans. Unfortunately I can’t be of more help than that because I haven’t set up my own coffee shop, so I haven’t actually been through all of that.

One of these days you must remind me to tell you how I roast my own coffee beans with just a simple popcorn air popper. For forty of fifty bucks it works as well as the small home coffee roasters that you see priced for several times that. When you see how easy that is, you’ll be all over buying wholesale coffee beans for your own home roasting.