White Coffee Table – It’s Not Just About The Lacquer

If you’ve spent some time with us, you know we like to write all about coffee subjects and this subject is about the white coffee table. Folks spend a lot of time on their home decor and design which is to be expected. After all, the home is where we spend the bulk of our time when we’re not at work. It is our castle and our sanctuary and our place of respite. As well it should be. And because we are each of us unique human beings somehow not getting dizzy spinning quickly in space on our beautiful planet, we each have particular tastes as to home furnishings and coffee tables specifically.

White coffee tables are just one way that we can express our own uniqueness in our home. Though they are becoming more and more common, the white coffee table isn’t as common yet as the oak coffee table, the pine coffee table or any other wooden coffee table, but it is starting to make a move in becoming more popular especially with many home owners who have a more elegant, contemporary or minimalist design in their home. Indeed, I would consider a white coffee table to be a version of the contemporary coffee table.

Some significance to the white coffee table

Now the color white has a long use within human lore and human culture. As you’ll remember from your elementary school science classes, the color white is actually comprised of all the colors of the rainbow. Human beings have 3 color sensitive cone cells in their eyes, and the color white stimulates all 3 almost equally and with high intensity, probably because white as mentioned earlier is made up of all the colors of the rainbow. White also has very many positive connotations with it.

Priests and other religious figures often where white and it symbolizes purity, peace, calmness, nobility, bravery, softness, innocence and emptiness. On the other hand however, it does also have some negative connotations. For example, in China, white is the color that symbolizes death. Now perhaps that really isn’t negative as death is a part of life, but it is perhaps one of the more unpleasant aspects that we don’t often dwell on.

Okay, enough rambling. Let’s get back to white coffee tables which is what I’m really writing about today. As with other tables generally, and coffee tables specifically, a white coffee table can be a small coffee table or large it can even be what I’d consider a white end table. And an end table is not really a coffee table in my opinion though it certainly can be used like that. I’d consider a coffee table to be either a square coffee table or a rectangular coffee table that are on the bigger side. Something you’d put in front of a large couch or sectional. I’ve actually seen white coffee tables as a Noguchi coffee table and as a lift top coffee table, so the choices are really quite expansive.

Best use of a white coffee table

A white coffee table is a wonderful choice especially in homes that don’t have pets or children! I say this because we all know how hard it is to keep white things clean. But if you’re up to the task, a white coffee table can be a wonderful addition and a unique addition in practically any home. As with just about any table though, you do need to care for it. And the best way to care for a coffee table or any natural wood product is in prevention and maintenance.

Prevention comes oftentimes from buying a high quality product. In this case, you’ll want a white coffee table that has been well made and has at least several layers of a decent quality white lacquer on it. Cheaping out at this point will not help you in the long run. But don’t worry, a decent white coffee table is not necessarily going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Maintenance is important in the care of your coffee table because you don’t want grime or stains or coffee grounds to work their way into the finish. A daily wipe with a clean damp cloth should do the trick. Weekly cleaning with a mild soapy solution will do well and for occasional deep cleaning it is best to use rag dampened with mineral spirits. When doing this, follow up with a clean dry rag to wipe over the areas you’ve just wiped down with the mineral spirits. Follow up with a high quality polish to prevent drying and deterioration of the white lacquer finish.

With these few steps, a decent white coffee table will offer you years of enjoyment and service. Taking care of the things that you enjoy will help bring you longer enjoyment from those very same items and this of course is true of your white coffee table.