What is the Best Rated Coffee Maker with Grinder? We Review 3 of the Best

One of the secrets to having high quality coffee is to use only freshly ground coffee beans. When coffee beans are ground they lose some of their aroma and their flavour and that is not something that you want. The solution to this problem is to buy whole beans and then to grind them right before making your coffee. This will produce a drink of undeniable quality but the process takes too long and so it is not something that is ideal for busy folks like most of us.

Fortunately there is a solution to this dilemma. You can just get the best rated coffee maker with grinder. This kind of coffee machine can grind the beans and process them so you can get the coffee as fresh as it can get. There are many brands of coffee makers with grinder that are available today and a lot of them are fully automatic. The grinders that are installed in these coffee makers are equipped with blades that crush the beans and not just cut them. Crushing the beans allows more flavour and aroma to be released which makes for a better beverage.

Here are some of the best coffee maker grinder combinations that I have found:

Krups KM7000K

This coffee maker grinder combo is equipped with a glass carafe. One of the best things about this coffee maker that many reviewers have noted is the way the grinder sounds which they say is no louder than the hum of a refrigerator. It is also highly adjustable with a lot of controls to fine tune the strength and quality of coffee you want. It comes with several levels for grinding as well as the brew strength so you can pick the right setting that can meet your coffee drinking needs. The biggest issue with this coffee maker has something to do with its durability. The main problems are with the grinder and the heating element failing after a few months. You can buy this coffee maker for about $150.

Cuisinart Burr Grind and Brew Thermal DGB 900BC

This coffee maker with grinder is one of the leading choices of coffee makers that come with an internal grinder. There are a couple of drawbacks with this model that some reviewers have noted. They find its grinding function to be a little too noisy. Another problem with it is that the beverage that it produces is sometimes too watery. Another issue is that the grinder tends to clog or break after a short time of using it. This model is available in brushed chrome which looks very attractive and you can buy it for about $175.

Cuisinart Grind and Brew DGB 600BC

This coffee maker with built in grinder is also in the top 3 and it is equipped with an insulated carafe that is excellent for maintaining the temperature of your coffee, keeping it hot for hours. It also comes with automatic features like programmable functions and timers. The biggest problem with this model seems to be connected with being able to clean the grinder and then drying it. Some reviewers say that the process takes too long and can be very complicated. You can buy this coffee machine with grinder for about $115.

Take your pick from these coffee machines with grinders to get some of the best tasting and freshest coffee that you desire. They all have some drawbacks but that is the case with any coffee machine. Go out and check on the reviews and find the one that you think will fit your needs the best. No machine is perfect, whether car or coffee.