What is the Best French Press Coffee Maker?

Coffee lovers all over the world would agree that the coffee maker that you have and use for making coffee is just as important as the quality of the coffee beans that you use. Granted that it all starts with high quality beans, but even if you have the best and the most expensive in the world but you are using a second rate coffee maker then you are not going to get the full effect from it. You are just going to get a second rate drink for all of your efforts.

French Press- There are many types of coffee makers that are currently available to us. Each type has been designed to serve a specific purpose. One type of coffee maker that has been designed for convenience and ease of use is the French press. It is known by other names such as press pot, coffee press and coffee plunger. It is normally used by travelers who do not have access to regular coffee makers. This is a manual coffee maker where the flavor is extracted from the beans by the use of a press or a plunger. The system also uses a filter that can leave out the remains of the coffee grounds from mixing with the beverage. If you are a coffee lover and you are constantly on the move then you should have a good coffee press to accompany on all of your travels.

What is the Best French Press Coffee Maker?- if you would like to get the best coffee press then here are some recommendations that we can make:

1. Bodum Chambord- When it comes to coffee presses Bodum offers the widest selection that’s available in the market today. Their products are widely used even in restaurants that offer French press coffee. They can produce high quality drinks if they are used in restaurants and for that they are inexpensive for their price. They are very easy to use as well with very little problems in handling. They are very durable as well since they use chrome with brass frames. You can get this high quality coffee press for about $50.

2. Grosche Rome- This is a worthy competitor to the Bodium line of coffee presses. It is just as elegant and it can produce almost the same level of quality beverage. The plunger is well fitting which helps to ensure that no grounds will escape and makes it way to your drink. The only downside is that it uses some plastic parts which might be a turnoff for some people, but the plastic material used is very high quality. You can get this about %60.

3. Frieling Stainless Steel French Press- The biggest advantage offered by this coffee press is the fact that its carafe is made from metal and not ceramic or glass. The stainless steel that was used in the manufacturing of this coffee press makes it very durable and sturdy. You can be sure that it can handle a lot of punishment and rough handling.