What is the Best Coffee Roaster for Home

Any coffee lover will tell you that in order for you to enjoy the best quality in coffee that you need to do your own roasting. Why is that? This is owing to the fact that coffee once roasted will start to shed its taste and flavor. That is fact and you can not get around that. That process starts a few days after the coffee beans have been roasted which is why roasted coffee has a very limited shelf life unless it is packed in airtight containers. Even when the coffee is sealed in airtight containers the coffee is still bound to lose its flavor.

This is the reason why coffee experts all over the world do their own roasting if they can not access to a shop that roasts coffee on demand which is very rare. So if you want to make some progress when it comes to the way that you enjoy coffee then I suggest that you start learning how to do your own roasting in order for you to get the most out of the coffee that you are drinking.

Learning How to Roast- Don’t worry about learning how to roast. Of course it might take some time for you to learn all about it. After all it is a complicated process but in the end once you have got the knack for roasting you cannot unlearn. It is going to be a skill that you are always going to have. The goal in learning how to roast is finding the right level for your taste. This varies according to out taste so the level of roast that I enjoy might now be the one that is going to be right for you.

What is the Best Coffee Roaster for Home?- Then again you can just use one of the automatic roasters that are available today for home use. That makes it a lot easier for you. Here are some of the best that we recommend for your use at home:

FreshRoast Plus 8
– If you are just starting to do your own roasting at home then this is the best roaster for you to get. It has a roasting chamber that can hold up to 3.5 oz. of coffee beans which should be enough for you to make about ten cups of coffee. The small amount of beans that you can load means that the roasting period with this roaster is a lot quicker which means that you need to be on the lookout to get the right level of roast.

Nesco Professional Home Coffee Roaster
– The best feature of this roaster is that it has a catalytic feature that can eliminate most of the smoke that is normally generated when roasting coffee. The roasting period for this device is about 30 minutes which means that you can really fine tune it to the right level of roast that you want.

HotTop Drum Roaster- If you want to do some serious roasting at home then this is device for you to get. It can load up to 9 oz. of beans at a time. It has a viewing window which allows you to see the level of roast that you already have. You can get this for about $580.