What is the Best Coffee Pod Maker

Coffee lovers would tell you that a lot is at stake on the quality of the coffee maker that is used in making the beverage. High quality coffee would just go to waste if you use a low quality coffee maker for it. What does that mean? It’s quite simple you have to spend just as much time in picking the right coffee maker for your needs as you spend in looking for good coffee beans. There are various types of coffee makers that are available, you should look for the one that matches your style and needs.

Types of Coffee Makers- There are various types of coffee makers that are available today. You can’t just go out an buy one without having a clear idea as to what are the features and what you can expect from each type of coffee maker so you can pick the right one for your needs. Just to give you a better idea of what you can expect here are the different types of makers that are available:

Drip Coffee Maker
– This is the most basic and most common of all coffee maker types that are currently available. It is also the most affordable although there are some models that can be expensive as well. As the name suggests this type of coffee maker has the coffee dripping to a carafe or straight to your mug.

This type of coffee maker used to be more common than it is today, but it was replaced by the drip coffee maker. Some people prefer it because you can get the full flavor of the coffee because you can let it just sit it in the percolator as long as you want.

Coffee Press-
This is a manual type of coffee maker. Hot water and the coffee grounds are combined in one container and plunger is used to put pressure on the coffee grounds. The flavor from the coffee grounds is extracted with the use of plunger that puts pressure on the grounds. The two are kept from being mixed with the help of a filter.

Espresso and Specialty Coffee Machines-
Espresso is made by forcing pressurized hot water through some coffee grounds. That means it can only be made by specialized machines that can force the hot water.

Coffee Pods– This is the latest development when it comes to coffee machines. It uses a pod which is a small container with coffee grounds. The pods are inserted to the machine and then it is punctured and hot water is introduced. The hot water will pass through the coffee and so produce a coffee drink.

What is the Best Coffee Pod Maker- A lot of people are interested in the coffee pod systems because they are a lot more convenient than the other types. There are no messy grounds that has to be cleaned afterwards. Most coffee drinkers recommend the
Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System as the best coffee pod system that is currently available. This system features automatic shutoff and a very large reservoir. The biggest drawback that we have found with it is that it requires two minutes of priming before you can use it.