Want the Best Single Serve Coffee Maker?

As a coffee lover you must have a discriminating taste when it comes to the coffee maker that you will be using for your home. You need something that would look elegant and classy so it would be a good addition to your kitchen. Something that would look modern, so your kitchen would look updated with the latest appliances. Most important about the coffee maker that you will be using, it has to be able to produce the best tasting coffee that’s possible. I think all coffee lovers would agree when it comes to that. You need a coffee maker first of all to create great tasting coffee.

There are several things that you have to consider when looking for the right coffee maker to buy. The first one would be the type of beverage that you will be preparing. Each maker has been made to specialize in a certain type of beverage. Another factor is the possible frequency of your use of the maker.

If you have been hunting for the best single serve coffee maker and you still haven’t found it, then let me help you out. I have listed here some of the best that are available online right now. I have also included some information regarding each coffee maker, that might be able to help you decide whether it’s the right one for you or not. The third factor that you need to consider is your budget for the maker, and the supplies that you will be needing when using it.

Black and Decker Brew ‘N Go- This is a very affordable coffee maker. It has an automatic drip function and it can make a 15 ounce cup of coffee pouring it directly into the special mug that is included in the package . I have mentioned that it is affordable, and at the estimated price of $20 it really is. Another great thing about it is that it takes ground coffee instead of the more expensive coffee pods. Who says that great coffee has to be expensive?

Keurig Special Edition B60- Although a little on the expensive side, this coffee maker from Keurig can make up to 9.25 ounces of coffee from a single coffee pod. You also get a whole range of other features that you can never hope to find on more affordable models. It has automatic on/off and other programmable features. Be ready to part with about $140 if you want to get this coffee maker.

Aerobie Aero Press- If you want a coffee maker that is simple to use, cheap,and very effective then the Aero Press is just the thing for you. With a price range of $25 to $30 this simple machine is really within anyone’s budget. You will find that how to use the Aero Press is quite easy.

These are just three of the best single serve coffee makers that are out in the market today. If you really are a fan of coffee then you should get at least one of these kitchen single cup coffee makers.