Under Cabinet Coffee Makers

For those of you with limited space or looking for a different kind of coffee maker set up, let me introduce you to the under cabinet coffee makers. These are not as popular as many of the other coffee makers we’ve spoken about because they require more work to set up. But they can be a great option if you want your coffee machine accessible from one spot at any time. You’ll never have to put it away if you have a small galley kitchen, and you’ll never have to worry about it getting in the way if your kitchen is small or you just lack a lot of counter space.

What are under cabinet coffee makers?

Under cabinet coffee makers are just as they sound. It is a coffee maker that is designed to fit under a cabinet, usually in your kitchen, but there isn’t any rule that says you have to attach them under a kitchen cabinet. And there certainly aren’t going to be any coffee police coming by to make sure that your under the cabinet coffee maker is where it is supposed to be.

The design of under cabinet coffee makers is very neat and unusual. Often times, this type of coffee machine has the carafe hanging from the main boiler unit which is a long rectangle that is attached to the under side of your chosen cabinet. I shouldn’t give the impression that the coffee maker is precariously dangling from the main boiler unit, rather, under the cabinet coffee makers have a base that comes along, kind of like a spine that has a foot attached to it upon which the carafe securely rests. The water reservoir in many of these under counter coffee makers is detachable too so you can easily fill it up without having to pour water into the main unit at precarious angles while it is attached to your cabinet.

Advantages of under cabinet coffee makers

The huge advantage of these under cabinet coffee makers is the way they save your space. Their designs are slim and sleek so that you can access the counter top space underneath the under counter coffee maker. Looking around at these under cabinet coffee machines, I was very impressed with the design and functionality that they offer you. You get everything you need to enjoy coffee just like you would with any other coffee makers out there like the dual coffee makers, the Capresso Infinity or Jura Capresso and Saeco coffee makers. Most of these under cabinet coffee makers nowadays come with programmable timers and you can get them with glass carafes or thermal carafes depending on your preference. Of course, you usually pay more for thermal carafes and this is not exception with your under the counter coffee maker.

I haven’t seen the Zojirushi coffee maker, grind and brew coffee makers, DeLonghi coffee makers or the Breville coffee machine available as under cabinet coffee makers but I imagine if the demand keeps picking up then many of these coffee maker manufacturers will start to offer these kinds of coffee machines.

Currently, the most popular of these coffee makers are offered by Black & Decker, like the Black & Decker Spacemaker 12 cup coffee maker, or the Contoure coffee maker and the Thermal Spacemaker coffeemaker by Applica. You’ll find that the prices for these coffee machines are similar to what you would pay for similarly featured coffee makers that are stand alone. The only issue is attaching them securely to the bottom of a cabinet. But I’m sure that is fairly straightforward for most of us. And even if you aren’t that way inclined, you can probably bribe a friend with a delicious fresh cup of coffee for help in installing these under cabinet coffee makers!