Top 10 Myths About Coffee Debunked

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world today. It’s tied with tea right behind plain water. There is no other drink that has raised as much controversy as coffee. There are many coffee lovers in the world, but there are also those who are raising their voices against it. There is actually a split between those who say that it is beneficial and those who say that it is bad for our health. Because of the controversy that it has raised, it is inevitable that there are a lot of myths about coffee. Some of these myths have been accepted as fact. Here are ten of the most common myths about this favorite drink:

1. Coffee Causes Heart Problems- It has long been a common belief that coffee can cause heart problems. This association is mainly because of the stimulating effect of coffee. People are assuming that if it causes palpitations then long term use can cause some problems to the heart. It is also associated with other cardiovascular problems like hypertension. This belief has led to a lot of controversy with both sides claiming scientific backing in order to prove their claims.

The controversy is starting to die down now. Experts are agreeing that coffee does not have any direct effect on problems with the cardiovascular system of the body. It does not have any impact on the cholesterol level of the body. It might raise the blood pressure of those who are drinking it for the first time but for veteran coffee drinkers it does not change their blood pressure.

2. Coffee Causes Ulcers- It has been long supposed that coffee has some direct connection with stomach ulcers. The main reason is because the high acidity of the coffee can affect the stomach and cause the ulcers there. Recent research has shown though that ulcers are mainly caused by some bacteria that can be killed by the use of some powerful antibiotic.

One thing to remember though is that while coffee might not cause stomach ulcers, it can aggravate the condition of existing ones. So for those who are suffering from it they should drink coffee moderately or better yet consult your doctor first.

3. Coffee is Addictive- Many people believe that coffee is addictive. An addictive substance is something that can cause withdrawal symptoms, tolerance and changes in behavior when an individual wants it at any cost. Of those characteristics only tolerance is exhibited by coffee or caffeine. The more that you drink of it the lesser that you feel its effects. The World Health Organization has declared that coffee is not addictive in any way. It is also not included in any list of addictive substances. So if you are worried about the possible effects of coffee to your health, addiction should be the least of your worries.

4. Coffee Has Adverse Effects on Pregnancy- Perhaps this is one of the most common beliefs when it comes to coffee and it effects on health. It is believed that coffee or more specifically caffeine can cause some problems to women who are pregnant. This is simply not true. Studies have shown that there is no connection between pregnancy problems and drinking coffee. Of course that result can only refer to average coffee consumption. Things might be different with excessive use of coffee.

5. Caffeine and Osteoporosis- There are many causes for osteoporosis. These include lack of calcium and vitamin D, too much protein, and smoking, effects of menopause, low estrogen levels and being underweight. There is no scientific finding that can connect coffee drinking with osteoporosis. Coffee has no effect on bone density at all. Caffeine does cause calcium to be dissolved in the urine which is the reason why experts suggest that women drink their coffee with milk to replace the lost calcium which is equal to the amount of calcium found on two tablespoons of milk.

6. Coffee and Cancer- One of the biggest fear that has been raised about the use of coffee over a long period is that it can cause cancer. This belief has gained a lot of credence. It was only recently proven that this belief has no scientific basis. In fact there is nothing to worry about when it comes to coffee causing cancer. Two separate studies have proven that there is nothing to fear in this regards and that the connection between coffee drinking and cancer is without basis.

7. There is No Health Benefit to be Derived from Coffee
– Another common myth that has been prevalent for so long is that while coffee is a good stimulant it does not bring and health benefits to the table. Recent studies have shown that this is just a myth. Some studies have proven that coffee can help in treating allergies because it can lower down the histamine level in the body. Another health benefit of coffee is that it can help people with asthma. It is also effective in countering the development of kidney stones. So, this finding prove that coffee can bring in some excellent benefits when it comes to health.

8.Coffee is an Effective Diuretic- A diuretic is a substance that can stimulate the processing of fluids in the body and make us urinate more than normal. It has long been supposed that coffee is an effective substance for this. The problem is that coffee is not really an effective diuretic because the water that goes with it is usually more than what you lose from the stimulated generation of urine. There are others, more effective substances that can serve as diuretics other than coffee.

9. Packaging Can Keep Coffee Fresh- One of the biggest problems facing coffee drinkers is how they can keep their coffee fresh. There are those who claim that the use of ultra sealed and airtight packaging can keep the freshness in. This is simply not true. Once coffee has been roasted there is no stopping the loss of aroma and flavor that is going to take place. Using airtight packages can help to slow it down but not stop it. This is the reason why if you are buying bulk coffee it is recommended that you buy green or unroasted coffee beans and that you do your own roasting. Even freezing the coffee won’t keep its freshness locked in.

10. Enjoying the Best Coffee Will Cost a Fortune- This is simply not true. You can enjoy the best coffee without having to spend a lot. You just have to know the best way to prepare it. The best coffee is the kind that you make at home. Of course investing in expensive equipment can pay off but it really is not needed in enjoying good coffee. It is not necessary that you spend a fortune when it comes to coffee drinking.

These are just some of the common beliefs about coffee without any real scientific basis that has gained a following in the past but has been debunked already. Hopefully there can be more coffee myths out there that can be disproved in the years to come so that more people can enjoy the full benefits of this amazing beverage. There is so much that we can get from drinking coffee.