Tips for Your Own Homemade Coffee Creamer

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks that we have today. It is enjoyed by people from all cultures across the globe. People drink it because of the strong flavour, the stimulating effect that it has and the delicious taste that it provides. We all have our reasons for drinking and loving coffee. For myself I can’t do without it because I need the mental stimulation that it provides with its dose of caffeine. There are energy drinks promising hours of energy that are available in the market and I have tried all of those but all I can say is that it can not even come close to the kind of stimulation that is provided by coffee. I have come to depend on it really which is not a problem with me. I know that millions of others all over the world have the same feeling as I do about coffee. Like the millions of other coffee drinkers everywhere I also try to come up with ways that can make my cup of coffee more interesting each and every time that I make one. One way that I have discovered on how to make it more interesting is to use homemade coffee creamer.

Flavored Creamers– Before I was using those flavoured coffee creamer. I loved he taste that it delivered but then when I saw what was contained in those products I stopped buying them right away. I realized that I was risking my health just by using those products. They were filled with artificial colours, preservatives, refined sugar and other materials that can only mean ill health if used for long periods of time. That is why I decided on giving them up right away.

Homemade Coffee Creamer- It was a good thing that I heard about the homemade coffee creamer then and so I never had to give up the good taste that I have always wanted for my coffee. It is quite easy to make and it does not require any special ingredient. Here are some simple steps that you can try in making your own coffee creamer:

Cinnamon Strudel- This is one of my favourite because I just love the small of cinnamon. Whenever I get that sweet spicy smell I couldn’t help myself and I just have to get a piece of whatever it was that is offering the smell. You need a cup of whole milk, a cup of cream, 4tbsp. of maple syrup, 1 tsp. of ground cinnamon, 2tsp of vanilla extract and a tsp. of almond extract. Just mix all the ingredients together in a pan and place in medium heat. Strain it so there are no pieces of spices floating around.

French Vanilla– You are going to need a cup of whole milk, a cup of cream, 4tbsp. of maple syrup and a vanilla bean. You can heat the mixture in pan and then add the bean. Cover for thirty minutes and it should be ready for serving after that.