Tips and Steps on How to Make Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee can trace its roots to as far back as the 1500s and that makes it older than any other way of making coffee that is now in use. It is a unique way of making coffee that deserves a lot more attention than what it is getting right now. Turkish coffee is characterized by its strong aroma and flavour which it gets from the way that it is prepared. It is interesting to note that this way of preparing the coffee beverage is the method used in the Middle East, North Africa which is the part of the world where coffee was first cultivated for producing drinks. From Africa the method spread out to the Balkans and Turkey where during the height of the Ottoman Empire, Turkish coffee was the preferred beverage in the numerous coffee houses that dotted the land.

If you want to try out this exotic way of preparing coffee then here are the steps that you can use:

1. For best results you need a Turkish coffee pot in preparing Turkish coffee. Place a cup of water on the pot for each cup of coffee that you are going to make and add half a cup to it. Place a teaspoonful of coffee ground coffee per cup. You can vary the amount of beans that you are going to use but in Turkish coffee the coffee particles are just allowed to settle at the bottom of the cup. If there is too much ground coffee it might interfere with your drinking. Add sugar according to your preference.

2. Place the pot on the stove. Use very low heat. You want the boiling process to be as slow as it can be. The longer it takes for the coffee to boil the better. You have to make sure that it does not spill when it boils.

3. Once the coffee boils, start pouring it into cups. Fill each cup halfway through first. This is to ensure that everyone gets a share of the foam on top of the beverage which is the best part of the drink. Once everyone has their share of the foam replace the pot on the stove and once it boils again you can fill up the cups.

4. Again the coffee particles are not filtered in preparing Turkish coffee, that’ s the unique characteristic of this type of coffee so there should be a few minutes waiting time before you start drinking to make sure that the coffee particles starts to settle down at the bottom of the cup.

5. You can add authenticity to your Turkish coffee by adding some spices to it. Anise, cardamom, and some forms of sugar can add that authentic feel and touch to your Turkish coffee. In preparing this type of coffee it is important that you watch the process because there is a very real chance that the coffee might boil over and you might lose a great part of your beverage and make a mess in your kitchen.

These are the simple steps on how to make Turkish coffee in an authentic way.