Why A Thermal Coffee Press Is Best

Why exactly is a thermal coffee press best? I aim to give you the reasons why I think a thermal coffee press is the best. These are only my thoughts and not the definitive guide, I don’t claim to be the biggest and best authority on coffee presses and neither would I suggest that there is one correct method or way of enjoying coffee for everyone. Espresso cappuccino all the way to your regular cup of joe is such a unique and subjective experience that everybody’s opinion counts. But some of us have been around the coffee bag a few times so I’d like to offer you some of my knowledge on the insulated coffee press.

Recommended thermal coffee press

But before we do, if I can make a small recommendation for those of you who do not yet have a thermal coffee press, the image to the left is of the Frieling coffee press which is available at Amazon by clicking here. It is a thermal French press as we’ll be discussing about. Frieling French press coffee makers are an established and trusted names in French press coffee. This particular one is a 34 ounce unit which is a better size if you often share coffee with friends, family or just strange folks who come visiting you every once in a while. 😉

Reasons why thermal coffee press coffee is best

Okay, before we continue on with the suggested French coffee press makers out there let’s discuss why a thermal coffee press is a beautiful way to have coffee. First of all it is elegant and simple. And although developed by the French it was patented and improved upon by the Italians. How can you not go wrong with a coffee maker that has been imbued with French and Italian, design, cuisine and cultural influence. It is after all primarily how Europeans enjoy their coffee when not drinking from semi automatic espresso machines and less often from coffee pods.

Secondly, using a stainless steel coffee press which is most often how the insulated coffee presses come is the best way to enjoy the full bouquet and flavor profile of individual coffees. Whether you’re enjoying just a simple Brazilian coffee or trying your first 100 Kona coffee beans, using a French press coffee maker is the best way to enjoy the fullest tastes possible of the beans in your coffee grind of French press. This is because unlike in grind and brew coffee makers and other drip coffee machines, the paper filters absorb the coffee bean oils. And it is these (non fattening:)) oils that give coffee much of its flavor.

Lastly, a travel coffee press can be taken anywhere. So enjoying coffee from a thermal coffee press is available to us just about anywhere our travels will take us. Practically most coffee franchises are now offering French press pot coffee by special request, and most French press coffee makers are making them in a bunch of different sizes. From the 1 cup French press to the travel coffee press or camping coffee press all the way to the larger units for serving many guests at once, every home should by now have a thermal coffee press or two. I like the thermal coffee press because it is usually a stainless steel coffee press and as such is relatively unbreakable. You wouldn’t believe how many beakers I’ve broken in my more traditional coffee presses.

So beyond the Frieling French press pot, there are of course the Bodum coffee makers which have become almost ubiquitous with the term French coffee press. Bodum French press offer a wide variety of options. But there are others available along with Bodum and Frieling by heading over to Amazon by clicking here. You will find a red coffee maker and a French press mug and a variety of others for you to choose from. So in closing, I hope this little discourse has been helpful. Remember that a thermal coffee press is very reliable, inexpensive, should last you a long time and is just a terrific way to enjoy coffee!