The Original Italian Coffee Makers

Italian coffee makers is what we’ll be exploring today. I’ve written about a whole bunch of coffee makers of different sorts, and today we’ll give a nod and a bow to the coffee makers of Italian heritage. Or coffee makers from Italy and coffee makers that Italy has improved upon. You’ll be surprised by how many coffee machines are actually Italian coffee machines originally or were coffee makers improved upon by Italian designers.

Take the French press coffee maker for example. It was originally thought to have been developed in France hence it’s name, but it can now be considered amongst the Italian coffee makers because it was improved upon by Italian designers and it was an Italian fellow who first had the patent for the coffee French press.

But when most folks think of Italian coffee makers, they think more of the stove top espresso maker which is a very convenient and enjoyable way of making stovetop espresso. One of the original brands for this Moka pot as it is also called is the Bialetti espresso maker. In fact, it was the Bialetti macchinetta that was first patented for the company’s owner Alfonso Bialetti. I love these little machines, because they work as both Italian coffee machines as well as Italian espresso makers. You just have to vary the amount of water and coffee grind and coffee that you add depending on your wish.

Perhaps I’ll write a post here soon on how to use an Italian coffee maker. It really is very simple. And when I’ve got some money perhaps I’ll do some videos on Italian coffee makers to help make it even easier.

Of course, an article on Italian coffee makers is not complete without a brief introduction to the Italian espresso machines. In fact it was Italians who invented espresso, so we owe them a debt of gratitude. And one of the more commonly known Italian coffee makers is the semi automatic espresso machines made by DeLonghi coffee makers. But first you should get comfortable with the manual Italian coffee makers like I’ve mentioned above 🙂