The One And Only Hamilton Beach Brew Station Review

Today I want to review the Hamilton Beach 47665 which is one of their latest coffee makers from these folks. However, having said that, much of what we  discuss will be applicable to a model or 2 before this BrewStation and a model or 2 after it. There is only so much new technology that coffee maker companies can put into a coffee maker from year to year. Most of the tweaks are cosmetic and done to increase short term sales.

With that said, the Hamilton Beach BrewStation is a carafe-less or pot-less automatic coffee maker. And I’ve seen a growing trend towards this style of dispensing single cup coffee maker. Hamilton’s foray into the market is quite elegant and aesthetically pleasing. That’s all well and nice, but does it have the features we’ve come to expect and the quality of coffee that we’d want to enjoy. Well, first of all, this Hamilton Beach coffee maker is a 12 cup coffee maker. Fairly standard, but important to know nonetheless.

So what else does the Hamilton Beach BrewStation offer us? Well, the thermally insulated brewing reservoir keeps coffee fresh for hours without burning it. For me, this is probably the best feature of the Hamilton Brew Station and other single serve coffee machines. Unless you’re extremely careful or have a very high end carafe coffee maker, I think it’s pretty difficult to keep coffee from burning in the glass carafe on the hot plate if left unattended for more than a half hour to hour. So this is a very handy feature if you like to enjoy your coffee throughout the day instead of at one go.

Here are some of the many features of the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker 47665:

  • Enclosed brewing system brews 12 cups of coffee without carafe
  • Brew and pause function and allows for reasy one handed coffee dispensing
  • Easy to use push button controls and fully programmable
  • Parts are removable for easy clean and offers a 2 hour auto-shut off
  • Peace of mind 1 year warranty and measures 6″ x 8″ x 17″

The water reservoir comes free so that you don’t have to schlep the whole unit under the kitchen sink to fill it with water. It has a nice and big clock/timer so you can easily see and program the Hamilton Beach Brew Station at a glance. I also like that the Hamilton Beach BrewStation coffee maker allows for extra tall mugs. Especially, you can fit a coffee travel mug underneath the spout so you can grab your coffee quickly and easily on your way to work.

Here is what one satisfied customer had to say about their Hamilton Beach Brew Station 47665:

Review shortened for space – Click here for full review

I will NEVER use a glass pot coffee maker again. When my son deployed to Iraq, I sent him one of these. He and all his guys LOVED it! I would (and do) highly recommend this coffee maker to everyone. No spills or drips, and great tasting coffee every time. – Marie W.