The Best Starbucks Coffee

A few years ago I really didn’t know anything about Starbucks or the other coffee shops where you could get those really expensive coffees. I was content with getting the kind of drink that I could make from home. But when I started working at my latest work some of my office-mates got me into the habit of buying coffee from Starbucks. Was I missing a lot! The flavors and the kinds of drinks that you could get from there are really enticing. Since then I have tried to catch up. I have tried turning myself into an expert when it comes to the drinks that one can get from Starbucks. I can’t say that I have reached that goal of mine but I have gained a fair amount of competence when it comes to the knowledge about their drinks.

If you are after the best Starbucks coffee then here are some of my top choices for you:

Starbucks Espresso- When you want to taste the essence of coffee then this is the drink of choice for you. This drink has an intense and a very rich taste that is distinctly caramel like.

Caramel Macchiato- A lot of people that I know has this listed as their favorite coffee. I was wondering about that but after I have sampled it all of my doubts were cast aside. It really is a wonderful drink. This is something that was invented over at Starbucks. It has foamed milk with espresso and vanilla. It is then topped with distinctive pattern. This drink is sweet and intense at the same time with just the right hint of butter in its taste.

Café Latte-
This is a classic when it comes to coffee drinks. This is a combination of milk that has been steamed and a shot of highly intense espresso this drink is sure to deliver the kind of stimulation that you are going to need from a drink. If you want a more intense dose then you can ask for an extra shot or you can drink with the syrup of your choice.

Café Vanilla Frapuccino-
Using a coffee frapuccino base, this drink can really deliver the right sort of flavor that many coffee lovers are searching for in their drink. The problem is that many shops do not have it on their list. You can ask for it specifically though.

Caffe Mocha-
If you are fond of special treats when it comes to the drinks that you enjoy then this is the drink that you ought to be getting. This drink is a delicious combination of delicious mocha chocolate, milk and whipped cream. This gives you the feeling that you are drinking a really special treat.

These are just some of the best drinks that you can get from Starbucks. There are a lot more combinations that you can get from there. It is a sure guarantee that you can get the best choices from there. Also they have tea and pastries there as well.