The Best Nicaraguan Coffee

Real coffee lovers are aware of the distinction between the coffee that comes from each country. Like any agricultural commodity, the quality of the coffee is going to depend on the conditions on the ground from where the plant is grown. The soil and the nutrients found in it can contribute to the taste and the flavor of the coffee once they have been harvested. That is why coffee experts have their own preferences as to the places of origin for their coffee. One such place where coffee is an important crop is Nicaragua. This country is an agricultural economy and is reliant on its crops to provide it with much of its foreign currency. With the quality of the coffee that it can produce that is not a problem. If you want to sample the best Nicaraguan coffee then here are a few suggestions that we can make:

Segovia- This type of coffee from Nicaragua has a level of sweetness that is almost similar to that of almond nougat. It has a very fruity flavor and a hint of chocolate to it. If you do your own roasting, it is recommended that you only do a medium dark roast for Segovia coffee. Even the aroma emanating from this coffee has hints of fruits to it. You can purchase a pound of Segovia coffee for about $16. You can visit for more information regarding this type of coffee and for purchasing.

– This is another type of coffee bean that is common in Nicaragua. The region that grows this type of coffee grows a majority of the coffee produced in Nicaragua. The climate and the soil in that region is particularly healthy for growing of coffee. This coffee is also know for its distinctive flavor. You can get a pound of this coffee for about $15.

Nicaraguan Selva Negra Estate Shade Grown Whole Bean Coffee-
This is a particular coffee grown in the Selva Negra plantation. What is unique about this coffee is that it has been grown organically without the use of modern farming methods. The practices used with the growing and the harvesting of this coffee are in accordance with the practice used with environmentally friendly methods that are sustainable and has the least impact on the environment and on the animals found in the area.

When it comes to the quality of the taste that it delivers this coffee is quite exceptional as well. It has a full body, slight acidity and distinctive flavor which is the perfect combination for any coffee. This coffee is grown in the Mantagalpa region which is one of the most famous coffee growing spots in all of Nicaragua. Each bag of this coffee is marked with the exact roasting date which is an assurance that you are only getting the freshest product. For best results you should use this coffee within half a year after it was roasted and within a month after the package has been opened. You can get a bag of this coffee for about $13.