The Best K-Cup Coffee

Although you can think of Keurig as a newcomer in the coffee business since they only started out in 1990, the company has proven itself beyond any doubt that it knows what to do when it comes to the business of coffee. A lot of coffee lovers all over the world trust on Keurig to provide them with the best quality coffee that they can get. They became partner with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in their aim to deliver the best quality coffee ever. The biggest innovation that they have introduced however is the use of K-Cups for their coffee.

K-Cups is a patented system that utilizes small packets of coffee kept in cuplike containers. Each container should be enough for one cup of coffee. It is a specially designed system that can provide the best tasting coffee with very little mess and trouble involved. K-Cup coffee machines are also able to handle not just coffee but tea, chocolate and other beverages as well. The only qualification is that they should come in the special packets to handle that.

How it Works- The grounds of coffee or any other beverage are placed in the special packages known as K-Cups. These cups are then placed on the specially designed machine. The machine punctures the top of the package and then forces heated water to the grounds. The water passes through the packages and is then gathered in the mug or the cup. Because the cups container retains all the grounds there is no mess left on the system after it has dispensed of the drink. The biggest advantage with using K-Cups is that with it you can be sure about the consistency of the drink that you are getting each and every time. No more guessing games on how much grounds to be used.

Best K-Cup Coffee- When the K-Cup was first released the problem with it was that the selections of coffee to be had is quite limited, but now since there are a lot more brands that are available, the selection has been improved greatly. To help you out in finding the best K-cup coffee, here are some of the selections that we can recommend.

Original Donut Shop K-Cups by Coffee People- This is the kind of coffee that most people want. It has the strong coffee flavour without the overly bitter taste. You can get this for about $1 per K-cup.

Newman’s Own Special Blend Coffee K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers– Made from pure Arabica coffee these K-cups has the same level of quality from the Newman’s Own products that people have come to enjoy. You can get a pack of 80 of this K-Cup for about $50.

Hazelnut K-Cups by Gloria Jeans– This one of the best nut coffee flavours from Gloaria Jeans. It has a sweet flavour with just the right hint of cinnamon to it. You can get a pack of it for about $26.

These are just three of the best K-cups that are available right now. Remember there are so many brands that are available in the market.