The Best Green Coffee Beans

Coffee is one of the most important agricultural commodities in the world. It is so important it is actually one of the most traded products right now and it acts as the most important crop for many countries in the world, with their economies based on it. This is just a reflection on how far coffee has gone from the time that it was discovered by some shepherds in Africa to its spreading all over the world as a favourite drink.

Coffee has to undergo several processes first before it becomes the ground beans that we use for our drink. Each process has an effect and an impact on the way that the coffee is going to taste and its overall quality. When the coffee is harvested the fleshy part of the pulp is removed. There are mainly two processes by which this is achieved. The first one is the wet process where the coffee undergoes a chemical process so that the fleshy part of the fruit is removed and only the seed remains and then there is the dry process where the fruit is picked is exposed to the sun and dried until the level of moisture drops and the flesh of the fruit can be removed by milling.
The kind of process used will have an ultimate impact on the overall quality of the coffee and the final product that is why at every step of the way great care should always be taken. Once the flesh from the fruit has been removed the next step in the process is the roasting of the coffee.

There is much discussion as to when coffee beans should actually be roasted. The problem stems from the fact that coffee can lose its flavour and aroma just days after it is roasted. The practice of sealing them in airtight containers is hardly satisfactory. This is the reason why unroasted coffee beans or a green coffee bean is the usual way that this product is traded especially in large quantities.

Any coffee lover or expert prefers to buy unroasted coffee and do the roasting on their own. This ensures the quality of the drink that they are getting. Roasting is easy enough to learn and the trouble that it adds to the process of making coffee drink is well worth it. To help you out here are some of the best green coffee beans that you can online right now:

Green Arabica- Cordillera– Cordillera is a mountain range found on the main island of Luzon in the Philippines. The Arabica coffee grown there has an acidic taste that is mildly wine like. The aroma of this coffee is mild as well. You can buy this coffee for about $7.00 .You can get this and other green coffee products from the Philippines at

Colombia Sierra Nevada, Organic Fair Trade– One of the biggest coffee manufacturing regions in the world is Latin America. This coffee from Colombia is of the highest quality. You can get it for about $7.25 per pound. Check it out at