The Best Cuisinart DCC-2000 Review

Welcome to the best Cuisinart DCC-2000 review. Seems I’ve been writing a lot of reviews on Cuisinart coffee makers lately and for good reason. They make a ton of different coffee machines and they’re good at it too. The Cuisinart DCC-2000 coffee on demand 12 cup programmable coffee maker is one of the better Cuisinart coffee makers on the market.

Why do I say that? Well, as you might know, Cuisinart offers and industry leading 3 year warranty on the Cuisinart DCC coffee maker, but that’s not unique to this machine. They offer that warranty to practically all of their coffee makers. What I particularly like about the Cuisinart coffee maker DCC-2000 is the coffee on demand feature. Here you can pour a single serving of coffee quickly and easily. The coffee is brewed into a double wall insulated internal reservoir where it stays nice and warm but doesn’t get burnt.

The double walled reservoir on the DCC 2000 keeps your coffee warm for hours without the problem of burning your coffee as some hot plates will do after just a half hour or so. This is very handy. Because if like me you enjoy a couple or few cups of coffee during the day, and you don’t like burnt coffee (who does), then you have to keep brewing fresh coffee in your coffee carafe. But with coffee on demand from the Cuisinart DCC 2000, you brew once and enjoy your fresh, hot coffee throughout the day.

Here are some of the neat features of the Cuisinart DCC-2000 fully programmable coffee maker:

  • Fully programmable with 24 hour brew start and 12 cup capacity
  • Insulated coffee reservoir is double walled and the press to serve lever pour 1 cup of coffee at a time
  • Auto shut off and easy to read coffee gauge shows you how many cups remaning in reservoir
  • Removable water reservoir with easy to read water level indicator
  • Instructions and manual included for quick and easy setup

The coffee reservoir is easy to remove, as is the drip tray, so messes are quick and easy to clean up. Plus the coffee maker by Cuisinart comes with a water filter to add that extra clean, crisp taste to your coffee. If you’ve ever broken a glass coffee carafe (like me… a few!), then you’ll really love this programmable coffee machine by Cuisinart. It is easy to use, pours one cup at a time and has no glass parts that you can break like with regular coffee carafes.

Here is what one happy customer had to say about their Cuisinart DCC-2000 coffee on demand coffee maker:

Review paraphrased for space – Please click here to read the full review

I have a perfectly good Cuisinart DCC-1200, but after spotting the 2000 at a local store I couldn’t stop fiddling with the floor model… but I’ve found myself having about three (maybe not a good thing?) since getting the 2000 because that third cup, about 1-1/2 hours later still tastes great. It’s neat, it’s fun and it makes great coffee. – B. Sanger