The 3 Best New Coffee Makers

I have been into coffee since I was a child when my parents introduced me to it. Others see coffee as something that helps them them to focus and concentrate on certain tasks that they have to do, especially the tasks that require mental functions a lot. While I also drink coffee for those benefits I mainly see it as something that is more than just a stimulant. In fact I regard coffee drinking as an art form. The greater your knowledge of coffee and coffee making the more that you can enjoy it.

Essentials in the Art of Coffee Drinking-
Even though I picked up the habit of coffee drinking from my parents I did learn a lot on my own. One of the things that I learned is that the coffee maker that I use is just as vital to the quality of the beverage that I will be producing as the quality of the coffee beans that I have. If I have the best coffee in the world but I use a second rate coffee maker for it then I can not expect the highest quality drink from it.

That’s why I have always made sure that I buy the best coffee maker that I can afford. I never think of it as huge drain on my budget since I enjoy the drink that I get out of it.

The 3 Best New Coffee Makers-
Now if you see things the same way as I do, here are three coffee makers that are available i8n the market today that I feel are the best:

1. Cuisinart CHW-12-
This coffee maker is receiving a lot of positive reviews, mainly because of its large capacity. It can handle 12 cups in one brewing. But it would not belong to this list if that is its only good feature. There are a lot of coffee makers out there with large capacities. This device from Cuisinart is also equipped with a hot plate whose temperature can be adjusted and a hot water dispenser for those who love tea. The biggest reason why it belongs to the list is because of its price. For all of the features that go with it you can get it for about $70. It’s quite a bargain.

2. Bun Contemporary 10-cup Home Brewer-
When it comes to drip coffee makers this is one of the top choices that is currently available. With its reservoir system this coffee maker can brew up to ten cups in as little as three minutes. Its design also makes it easy to keep the water warm. It is also easy to add water into it. You can get this for about $85.

3. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Circulo from Krups-
If you are into coffee pods then this device from Krups made exclusively for Nescafe is the top choice that you can get. It has automatic shut off features and a removable drip tray. It outperforms the other similar devices in the market. You can buy this for about