Tassimo Brewbot Cappuccino Maker

Today we’re going to review the Tassimo Brewbot cappuccino maker. The Tassimo Brewbot espresso maker is one of the newer entries into the world of single serve cappuccino machines or one cup coffee makers. The Tassimo Brewbot cappuccino maker by Bosch is trying to carve itself a market share in this already quite competitive niche of singel cup espresso makers, and I think they’re doing a pretty good job at it. Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits of this Tassimo Brewbot cappuccino maker.

The Tassimo is a direct competitor to what some folks call the Keurig brewbot cappuccino maker which is also a one cup coffee machine. And although the Tassimo Brewbot coffee maker recently lost Starbucks T discs as a partner, the Gevalia company is unveiling 3 new extra bold T discs to help fill the void.

Why the Tassimo Brewbot cappuccino maker is one to watch

So as much as this might be considered a strategic loss with Tassimo and Starbucks, I don’t think it rings the death knell. The Tassimo Brew bot cappuccino maker still keeps good company. There are still Maxwell House T discs, Suchard T discs, Jacobs T discs and others to fill the void. As such I think that the Tassimo Brewbot coffee machine is only going to improve and deepen its relationships with these companies and forge others.

In my review of single serve coffee machines, I placed the Bosch Tassimo Brewbot cappuccino in second place and I still think that stands. Additionally, the Tassimo Brewbot espresso machine is using technology or barcodes to read the type of beverages it is making so that it pours the right amount of water at the right amount of temperature over the right amount of time for perfect coffee drinks each and every time. The other single serve coffee machines don’t do this.

Other benefits of the Tassimo Brewbot cappuccino maker

Along with dozens and dozens of different types of Bosch Tassimo T dics available, the Tassimo Brewbot cappuccino machine also offers 7 different types of coffee based beverages. These are: Coffee, tea, espresso, cappuccino, latte, crema coffee (like an American0) and hot chocolate.

There are a couple new additions here for the Tassimo Brewbot latte maker that I don’t see available for other singel serve coffee makers. In fact, Tassimo single serve coffee machines pride themselves in offering 3 additional types of coffee based beverages than are available in their competition the Keurig K cup coffee maker. And if you have only a drip brew coffee maker then you’re missing out on an additional 6 different coffee based beverages.

The Tassimo Brewbot cappuccino maker is fast becoming a real contender in this competitive single serve coffee machine niche. I think they’re one to watch. And personally I prefer the look of the Tassimo Brewbot cappuccino maker over the other brands… but that’s just cosmetic 😉