Storage Coffee Tables

We spoke about coffee tables with storage before and we’re going to continue that conversation with storage coffee tables which is the title of today’s coffee klatch chit chat. There are a couple of ways to look at a coffee storage table and elsewhere on this blog I’ve given you info on some of those ways. Today we’ll continue our discussion with storage coffee tables and why you might want to choose one for your first or perhaps next wooden coffee table.

I’m sure most of us can imagine and agree on the usefulness of storage coffee tables. We continue to buy more stuff or even just collect more stuff as time goes by. And not all of us can afford to keep buying into bigger and bigger houses. Nor would that be something that we should do anyway. The environmental concerns aside, it just costs more to pay for bigger houses, cars and toys generally. So the smart thing to do would be to buy an oak coffee table or other type of wood coffee table and use it to store stuff.

Why choose storage coffee tables?

The amount of trinkets and other items that can be stored in it are as vast as your imagination. I used drawers to keep my coffee pods and espresso pods as well as my espresso machine accessories like my espresso tamper. You can keep your espresso cups and saucers in drawers if that is how you prefer or your glass coffee cups too. Though most of us keep those things in cabinets. Keeping your espresso coffee beans in storage coffee tables is not a bad idea. Especially if you have an oak storage coffee table. It is amazing what the subtle aromas of coffee and wood can do to one another. Very subtle but it can have a good affect. After all, they store whiskey in oak barrels don’t they. And for a good reason. Not just for fun 🙂

My favorite storage coffee tables

My favorite type of storage coffee tables are the lift top coffee tables with storage where the storage area or compartments are hidden from view and are only made available when you lift up the lift top of the table. I really like these tables as they are excellent for bringing your work to you as they are often able to move not just vertically but also horizontally. Of course, if looking for a lift top coffee table that has storage be sure to check out the brackets, or lift top coffee table hinges and the lift top coffee table mechanism to be sure it is sturdy enough to deal with what you want it to. This is where many of the cheaper lift top coffee tables with storage fail, in the lift top table mechanism. So take care in checking that part out.

Another one of my favorite storage coffee tables is the trunk coffee table. This is often considered an antique coffee table if it is original or certainly a rustic coffee table if it is new. The trunk was originally used as luggage and sturdy luggage at that as they were meant to travel hundreds and thousands of miles by rail earlier last century. So you can imagine the abuse they had to put up with. The trunk storage coffee table is a great option. Basically it is a huge empty square coffee table or rectangular coffee table that you get to fill with whatever you like. Its huge cavernous opening just begs to be filled. A trunk coffee table for storage is a solid choice.

I could talk more about several other types of coffee tables. But if you follow the links you’ll see a bunch of my work on coffee tables generally. You’ll notice that I’m generally a fan of wooden coffee tables, including the pine coffee table and mahogany coffee table if you can still find one. Anyway, I hope that this article on storage coffee tables has been helpful to you in your research.