Enjoying The Stainless Coffee Press

I love my stainless coffee press and I want to chat with you today about it and why it is such a wonderful way to enjoy a cup of coffee. I don’t imagine this will take too much of your time as I’ve written about the French press coffee maker before. I personally have a stainless steel French press or stainless steel coffee press. It is a travel coffee press but I also have a large French press coffee pot that I enjoy when I have some time in the mornings and I’m not rushed to get to work.

What the stainless coffee press isn’t

Now I’m not talking about a stainless steel coffee maker like the Gaggia Titanium espresso machine or a Zojirushi coffee maker. French press coffee is not only quick and easy to make but it gives you the full experience from any coffee that you brew this way. The stainless coffee press is called this because you press a plunger down upon the brewed coffee grounds and it presses the grounds to the bottom of the French press. The plunger as you might imagine has a cylindrical mesh that allows the liquid to pass through but traps the coffee grounds. It is also called a French press pot because it was invented so it is believed by the French but it took an Italian to patent it and perfect it. Go figure 🙂

Finding and enjoying a stainless coffee press

One of the best places to find a stainless coffee press is Amazon. I have a few Bodum coffee makers including my 1 cup French press. Though it’s a big 1 cup, more like 16 ounces of French press mug deliciousness. So why would you consider a coffee cup press? Well frankly, enjoy a French press coffee is one of life’s little pleasures. You can enjoy a French coffee this way practically anywhere in the world that you are. As long as you have your stainless coffee press, your Brazilian coffee beans or any other wholesale coffee beans or bulk coffee beans that you’ve bought and hot water you are all set. A French chambord or press pot is durable and reliable. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere about semi automatic espresso machines, the less moving parts and the less electrical parts the longer a device or item will last. This is especially true when it comes to coffee makers and espresso machines. That’s why I also have a stove top espresso maker. There’s something special about stovetop espresso, but that’s another story.

The only thing that can go wrong, or that will break down in your stainless coffee press is that the plunger’s mesh filter might break down over time so you’ll need to replace it. These replacement press filters are also available at Amazon pretty inexpensively.

So if you’re a serious coffee drinker or coffee lover. Hell, if you only have your yellow belt coffee sensei then you should have a stainless coffee press. The benefits are many, the costs are small. And besides, they make great gifts for friends and family. I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick exploration of the stainless coffee press.