The Benefits Of Square Coffee Tables

You won’t find square coffee tables in every home. At least not yet. But hopefully by the end of this chat on the square coffee table you’ll see the benefit that one might have in your home. Square coffee tables are not as popular as rectangular coffee tables mostly because folks up until recently haven’t thought about how best to fit a square coffee table into their home. I hope to change your perception about that and hopefully show you the functionality that a large square coffee table offers. I’ve written quite a bit before about different types of coffee tables from oak coffee tables of which I own one, to contemporary coffee tables as well as different sizes of coffee tables like the large coffee table or huge coffee table to the glass top coffee table and white coffee table. There should be something here for everyone so take a look if you’d like.

Square coffee tables with storage

But today we’ll talk about square coffee tables. Now I’m a fan of storage coffee tables or coffee tables with storage. And with this in mind, there are some great options if you’re looking for a square coffee table with storage. Most times what you are getting here is a coffee table that has drawers. Drawers are the most common form of storage offered in coffee tables and perhaps the most well known. From the rustic coffee table to modern coffee tables, drawers are handy and an easy place to store your espresso coffee pods, 1 cup French press or even your hand coffee grinder.

Now the amount of storage you get in your coffee table depends on the size of your coffee table. Huge coffee tables or large coffee tables are those that I would consider to be bigger than say around 36 inches or perhaps 40 inches square. Metrically that’s about 90 centimeters to 100 centimeters square. Most often these square coffee tables are wooden coffee tables but you can find them in practically any type of material that  you’d like. The square glass coffee table for example is also a very popular choice. Especially if you like a glass top coffee table.

Another way to get some great storage in your square coffee tables is to buy a lift top coffee table. Lift top coffee tables are terrific because as they name suggests, the top lifts up and off and there is a big bay or trough of storage that you discreetly have access to. Some lift top coffee tables only lift up on a hinge while the most common type have arms that allow the whole table top to lift up and towards you in both the horizontal and vertical plain.

My favorite place to buy square coffee tables

I have found the best place to find coffee tables for sale to be Amazon. Unless you are going very high end like looking for a mahogany coffee table or a genuine marble coffee table you can find practically any type of square coffee tables at Amazon, including the always popular coffee end tables which are the only usual type of coffee table that is almost always available as a square coffee table.

Now I just want to end of with some final thoughts about square coffee tables and how they could fit in your home. Regardless of whether yours is an acrylic coffee table or a black glass coffee table, if you arrange your space properly to fit a square coffee table you’ll be very happy with it. My best suggestions are to brace any square coffee tables snugly to the corner of two couches. You’re not bringing the wood coffee table right up to the couches, you do want room to maneuver around the couches and coffee table. But what you are doing if you can picture this is aligning the edges of the square coffee tables with the ends of both couches. So instead of having the square wooden coffee table float out from the middle of the couch, you’ll find it better to have it snugly up agains the ends of the couch. Aesthetically you’ll find this a whole lot better I’m sure.

So those are my thoughts on coffee tables generally but more specifically square coffee tables. And as I mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for cheap black end tables by which I mean price and not quality, then Amazon is definitely worth a look.