Square Coffee Table – Form Meets Function

Practically every house I’ve been in has a square coffee table in the living area. Or if not square then there is a rectangular coffee table. I suppose it depends on the set up of the living room and the couches. I want to spend a couple of minutes today talking about square coffee tables and why you might want to consider investing in one if you don’t have one already. I also want to talk about the different types of coffee tables that are out there too. So let’s get to it.

Just a casual search on the internet for coffee tables will bring up all sorts of them. I recently came across a very nice oak square coffee table that I thought would fit perfectly in my living area. The one problem being that I already have a coffee table. If you’ll recall from my previous post I have a round oak coffee table that I love and that has a ton of nicks and dings on it too. It’s been well used.

Other types of the square coffee table

There are also square glass coffee tables. I saw one the other day that has an aquarium in it. A neat idea but I can’t imagine the fish would appreciate drinking all that coffee. Wait, they’re enclosed safely in a glass aquarium. Still, I imagine it would be a neat centerpiece to talk about but I can’t imagine the upkeep. If you’re into fishes then you understand they require weekly or so cleaning. Still, if that’s your thing it’ll probably come as no surprise.

Now you know from reading this blog a bit that I personally enjoy wooden tables and wooden coffee tables especially. In fact I’m all about natural looking furniture. Natural in the sense that it’s made from natural products. Now I know that glass is natural too, but not as natural as wood if you understand what I’m trying to say.

If you’re in the mood for a modern square coffee table or a contemporary square coffee table, then the William Sheppee Saddler square coffee table is one that you might like. I’ve had my eye on it for some time. A very elegant square coffee table that will suit the most discerning tastes I’m sure. It weighs 93 pounds, a very sturdy bugger and is almost 3 and a half feet square and stands squat at around a foot and a half tall. Very nice acacia hardwood too. It has a contemporary but yet a still rustic square coffee table look.

Contemporary square coffee table

Another great option if you’re looking for that contemporary coffee table look is a nice dark espresso finish coffee table. These are roughly around 3 feet square and also at about that 18 inch height. Seems that is the most common size for a square coffee table.

I’m also a fan of the Japanese style coffee tables. You know the ones where you sit on the floor as they’re only about a foot tall? These remind me of my student days when I was much younger and poorer! I could afford a coffee table but not the chairs I guess! So I ate and had friends over around a table very much like this one in the picture. Short but intimate. A wonderful way to break bread and share joy. And dare I say, little bottles of Sake!

Anyway, I digress. There is certainly variety out there when it comes to coffee tables, whether you’re looking for square coffee tables or rectangular coffee tables or round coffee tables there is something for all of us. For now I’m happy with my round one, but in the future I’ve got my eye on that William Sheppee Saddler coffee table. A nice modern square coffee table that will fit perfectly where my current table is.