The Small Coffee Table For Small Spaces

You can’t enjoy a cup of coffee, well not really, without a small coffee table. Or for that matter a large coffee table. In fact it doesn’t really matter what kind of coffee table you have, but yo need something to put your cup of coffee on, your espresso cappuccino or other knick knacks like coffee pictures, maybe even that manual coffee grinder or you bulk coffee beans. That is if you have coffee tables with storage. So join me today as we talk about the benefits of small coffee tables, not just for small spaces but for large rooms and large houses and decors that are modern and contemporary.

The small coffee table as a modern coffee table

Nowadays it seems that when you talk about any table, whether it be a large coffee table or a lift top coffee table and even the small coffee table that we’re talking about today, in many ways you are talking about the modern coffee table or contemporary coffee table. So unless I specifically mention terms like rustic coffee table or antique coffee table or perhaps even the trunk coffee table you can be sure that I mostly mean the coffee tables that are more relevant to the contemporary home. Even storage coffee tables would fit that mokier, though of course the smaller the coffee table the less storage you’ll get in it.

Most often you’ll find that the small coffee table is often a square coffee table. This is usually the case because square coffee tables as they get larger tend to take up more space in a more awkward manner than a rectangle coffee table if you can understand what I mean. So often, folks will talk about the small coffee table as coffee end tables, though to be fair end tables and coffee tables are really not the same thing. Of course, you couldn’t have huge coffee tables as end tables but you could have a small coffee table as an end table and/or as a coffee table as we generally understand the term.

Some definitions of a small coffee table

Now the question is, what is a small coffee table? It is all well and good to toss around terms like small and large and huge, but what in fact do they mean. The quick answer is that there isn’t really any standardized size for a coffee table. But the general average wooden coffee table you will likely find to be up to about 40 inches (101 cm) long by 36 inches (91 cm) wide. I’d suggest that a square coffee table of average size would be up to 36 inches square. So I’m suggesting that an enormous coffee table or large one would be over that and a small coffee table or miniature coffee table would be below those rule of thumb sizes. And as a rule, a round coffee table would have a diameter up to 36 inches.

A small coffee table can fit into just about any room of any size. And it also plays well with other pieces of furniture and home decors. That book “Small is Beautiful” really somes it up. And I’d go further to suggest that small is omniscient. And what I mean by that, is that you can always find a way to fit a small coffee table into practically any space. Large coffee tables don’t do as well, they elbow their way into a room and sit their big fat bum squatly in the middle of the room, trying to command attention. A small coffee table, whether it be a wood coffee table, like an oak coffee table or a glass top coffee table is always there but never obtrusive.

For example the Baxton Studio Ida black oak coffee table which can be had at Amazon and is shown to the left is a wonderfully creative design of what a small coffee table really can manage. At about 20 inches square, this coffee table is big enough for most rooms and yet small enough not to have you keep knocking your shins on it. Not only that, but I imagine that such a table gets a lot of compliments over its design.

So in closing, the small coffee table should be on your list whenever you’re looking for an additional piece of furniture to compliment your living room or even if you’re looking for your first coffee table for your first apartment away from home. So put your feet up on your current coffee table, take a doppio espresso and browse the many small coffee tables that are available at Amazon.