Senseo Pod Coffee Maker – Turning Pods Into Percolated Perfection!

The Senseo pod coffee maker is the best choice for making the best coffee out of your Senseo coffee pods. Now we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the Senseo coffee pods and all the different flavors they offer. We’ve also mentioned that the Senseo coffee pod works best in a Senseo coffee machine. Trust me, I’ve tried it in my espresso machine and it just doesn’t work out the best way it should.

I don’t know if it’s the temperature of the water, the pressure of the water or the amount of water that the Senseo coffee maker pushes through the coffee pod. All I know is that it works a lot better than trying to use an espresso machine.

An experiment without the Senseo Pod Coffee Maker

Now don’t ask me why I tried the Senseo coffee pods in my espresso machine. I wasn’t trying to cheap out, I’m happy to spend some good money on my coffee. It was an experiment to see. I should have realized that it wouldn’t have worked, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for experimentation.

The Senseo pod coffee maker is actually made by Philips if you want to get the real McCoy. There are probably a few different brands you can buy, and I know that you can get a Cuisinart coffee maker that will take the Senseo pods. Though honestly I didn’t bother really looking around. I figured if I’m going to share the Senseo system on my blog I should at least give it a fair try. And to me that means buying the full meal deal as Senseo would want.

Doing it right with a Senseo Pod Coffee Maker

Of course Sara Lee who owns Senseo would want you to buy their Senseo pod coffee maker, I mean that increase their revenues. But in all fairness I wanted to give it a scientific test if you will. I didn’t want to wonder if the Senseo coffee wasn’t very good because of the Senseo coffee pod I used or because of the coffee pod machine.

So I decided to keep as many variables as consistent as possible. And as you know if you’ve read a bit of the ol’ blog, I really like the no fuss no muss of the Senseo coffee pod system. More than that, I like a bunch of their coffee pod roasts, most noticeably the dark roast, the Senseo Kona roast and the Senseo Colombian roast.

I guess the flip side of it is that I don’t know how well the Senseo coffee pods will work in different machine like the Cuisinart. I guess that’s science, you can never have it perfect. My best recommendation is to buy the Senseo pod coffee maker which is made by Philips. If you do that, you can’t go wrong. I personally like the Senseo single serve supreme coffee machine in chrome. And although this is more expensive than the Philips black Senseo coffee pod machine, it has a removable reservoir and can brew a bigger mug which I like.

For around $100 you can get yourself started with the Senseo pod coffee maker in black and about a months worth of coffee or more. I think this is a great coffee maker and a great coffee for anyone who enjoys easy, breezy, no messy coffee. Day or night. the Senseo Pod Coffee Maker will steer you right!