Senseo Flavors

I’ve written quite a bit about the Senseo pod coffee maker so it’s only fair that I write about the rainbow of available Senseo flavors in their Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods. Now in all fairness, I haven’t actually tasted them all, but I’ll give you my recommendations on the ones that I have tasted and that I like. And I’ll also give you my impression of the Senseo coffee pods that I haven’t tasted based on my general overview of what these Philips Senseo coffee pods are generally like. I’m a fan of them, and if you aren’t aware of what the Philips Senseo coffee maker is, let me give you just a very quick overview.

The Philips Senseo Touch which is one of their 2 coffee machines are single cup coffee makers. Basically, like the Keurig coffee pods or Keurig K cup sets up, these single serving coffee makers take a coffee pods, or in the case of the Keurig coffee maker, a Keurig K cup that provides very fresh coffee in a single serving coffee pod, or coffee pads as they are known in Europe. The Douwe Egberts coffee machine, is another name for the Senseo coffee machines or Philips single serve coffee machine. Basically, Philips is the main company that makes these coffee pod and espresso pod machines. Philips bought Senseo and Douwe Egberts is a subsidiary of Sara Lee that makes coffee and other consumables. Basically the Senseo coffee maker is a partnered attempt by Sara Lee and Philips.

Moving on to the Senseo flavors

Okay, TMI I hear you saying. Agreed, let’s get back to the nuts of the matter which is the Senseo flavors. If you take a look at their website, you will notice that there are about a dozen Senseo flavors available. Now these are just the Senseo coffee pod flavors, it doesn’t include others who make coffee pods to fit Senseo coffee machines. You can find Millstone coffee pods and Folgers coffee pods for example that are designed to fit the Senseo single serve coffee makers. And of course, if you get yourself a coffee pod maker you can make your own Senseo flavors of coffee pods with whatever kinds of beans you desire.

So quickly going through the Senseo flavors, we have Dark Roast, Medium Roast, Decaffeinated Roast Senseo coffee pods, Paris: French Vanilla, Vienna: Hazelnut Waltz, Sumatra Blend, Brazil Blend, Kenya Blend Senseo coffee pods, Colombia Blend, Breakfast Blend, Espresso and Kona Blend Senseo coffee pods.

The variety pack of Senseo flavors

You can also get Senseo flavors in the Senseo Origins Variety Pack which includes Sumatra, Kenya, Colombia and Kona Blend coffee pods. There is also the Senseo Day’s Dawn Variety Pack which features, Breakfast Blend, Medium Roast, Espresso and the 10% Kona Blend coffee pods.

Okay, so the Senseo flavors that I have personally tried are the Espresso, Dark Roast, Kona Blend, Kenya and Sumatra. I might be forgetting a couple but these are the Senseo flavors that I can recall just now off the top of my head. I’ve enjoyed each and every one of those, but I must say that my least favorite was the Kona Blend Senseo flavor. I’ve had real 100 Kona coffee, so I find that the 10% that this Senseo Kona Blend coffee pod has is just not enough to really appreciate the delicacies of real Kona coffee. Though in its own right it is a decent cup of coffee if I didn’t know it was supposed to have Kona coffee beans in it.

I can say from trying a few of these Senseo flavors, that the coffee pods are an excellent way to enjoy your coffee fresh every morning, especially if you don’t want any clean up and little mess. The flavor profiles are good and clean, though I find that going beyond about 8 ounces of water for each coffee pod serving dilutes the coffee a bit too much for my liking. Of course, the solution to that is using 2 coffee pods at a time in which case you can get a tasty and robust cup of coffee at around 12 ounces tasting just right.

I recommend these Senseo flavors, if you are looking for an alternative to regular coffee machines. If you like the idea of single serve coffee makers I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with Senseo. I’ve said the same about the Keurig single serve coffee machines. It comes down to personal choice. And also, my last tip would be to experiment with other coffee pod manufacturers, you don’t have to stick with just the Senseo flavors.