Senseo Coffee Pods – A World of Flavor in Your Cup!

Senseo coffee pods are one of heaven’s little treasures. Now available on earth. I’ve only recently become aware of these little treasures. And boy do I love them. I decided to indulge and buy a Senseo coffee maker that brews just the perfect cup with these coffee pods. But they will fit in most other espresso machines too.

Although these Senseo coffee pods aren’t really espresso pods so you’ll likely find that the flavor profile will be different then you’ll get from the actual Senseo coffee machine. This is a terrific way for them to get you to buy into their proprietary product line. It works well, and honestly it’s worth it. This is like coffee you have unlikely tasted anywhere else.

There are so many varieties of Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods that I don’t think you’ll get easily bored if this was the only coffee you drank. My personal favorite is the Senseo dark roast coffee pods which are absolutely delicious. I picked up hints of chocolate, cocoa and burnt almonds in my first cup. And the aroma is heavenly and somewhat woody with dark truffles. That crema that you get  on each cup of Senseo coffee is thick and creamy and absolutely delicious. I usually add cream to coffee if I’m not being a purest and trying to get an unadulterated flavor profile. But these coffee pods for Senseo don’t need any adulteration.

The great little Senseo coffee pods

The great things about these Phillips Senseo coffee pods is that they are very affordable. Really. I was expecting sticker shock from such a great tasting cup of coffee. But you can make a cup of Senseo coffee for less than $0.30. I know, that’s a really great price for what I’d argue is a very tasty cup of coffee.

I’ve tried a few other flavors of the Senseo coffee pods. I’ve tried the Senseo espresso coffee pods, the Senseo cappuccino coffee pods and the Senseo Kona coffee pods. I’m exquisitely pleased and enjoyed them all. Now a quick caveat, I love coffee, and as I’ve said before, there is hardly a coffee I’ve met that I didn’t like. Though I do my very best to be objective.

Additional benefits of Senseo coffee pods

The Senseo espresso coffee pods produce a wonderful crema and a rich dark flavor with smokey, woody notes. Not the absolute best espresso I’ve had. I didn’t find it as complex and thick as I usually like my espresso, but I’m pretty confident that most folks will find the Senseo espresso coffee pods just fine for after dinner espresso drink.

The Senseo cappuccino coffee products is a fun product. I say that, because I don’t think the Cappucine monks would think much of this cappuccino. In fact I’d wager they’d find it sacrilegious! It’s a decent tasting cappuccino for an instant cappuccino, but it is instant and each taste lets you know that. If you like an instant cappuccino you’ll love it. If you’re more of a cappuccino purest who thinks that the milk should be steamed fresh and by hand then you’ll want to skip the Senseo cappuccino coffee pods.

Now I always like to end on a positive note, and I’m happy to do that with the Senseo Kona coffee pods. This is a Senseo coffee that I foresee myself drinking for a long time. It’s a nice medium bodied roast that offers 10% Kona coffee, which is enough to tease your taste buds with the Kona, but not too much to rattle your wallet. I found the flavor to be bright with a light acidity that left that pallet quickly. I also caught notes of citrus that were quite a pleasant surprise. I like the Senseo Kona coffee as a morning brew looking out of my bay windows over the Hawaiian beach and the Pacific Ocean. Wait, that’s a dream ;O) but you get my drift! So what are you waiting for, grab your Senseo coffee pods today.