The Senseo Coffee Pod – A Bundle of Taste in Every Cup

The Senseo coffee pod as you know if you’ve been following my blog so far is a terrific way to have your morning coffee. Actually, I’d say it’s a terrific way to have your coffee at any time of the day. Senseo which is now part of Sara Lee, a huge multinational and conglomerate makes the Senseo coffee pod. And they make them in a wide variety of flavors.

My favorite Senseo coffee pod flavor at the moment is the Senseo dark roast coffee pods. Now to be fair, when I want to really get the taste of a cup of coffee, or when I’m tasting a new coffee bean or coffee roast, I use a French press. There is something lost in the translation of the coffee through a filter, however benign or thin that filter might be.

The great thing about the Senseo coffee pod is that you can’t tell. In the sense that there is no comparison for me. It’s not like I can grab a bag of Senseo coffee beans and grind them in my burr grinder a serving at a time. If that was the case, I’d hazard a guess that the ground coffee beans in a French press would have a much fuller flavor profile.

Marketing genius of the Senseo coffee pod

But Senseo doesn’t offer coffee beans whole or ground other than in the Senseo coffee pod version. This is great marketing. I mean how do you compare it to anything else? It’s not an espresso pod and it’s not really like brewed coffee.

To be fair though the Senseo coffee pods do taste great. The flavors are textured and complex for the most part, and I’ve tasted a lot of coffee. Although I like to thing of myself as a coffee aficionado or coffee sensei ;O), I’m certainly not a coffee snob. I think coffee can be appreciated in a variety of ways and that both robusta coffee beans and arabica coffee beans have their own merits.

The Senseo coffee pod conclusion

As I’ve said before, if you’re looking for a really great hassle free way to brew your morning cup or offer your guests a neat and tasty way to have single serve coffee, then you can’t go wrong with the Senseo coffee pod. Brew it in a Senseo coffee maker for the full flavor and benefit of the coffee pod and you pretty much can’t go wrong.

For those of you interested, the Senseo dark roast coffee pod, the Senseo Colombian coffee pod and the Senseo breakfast blend coffee pod are all great choices for dark, medium and light roasted coffee in that order. But really, any Senseo coffee pod will do well to get you started.