Senseo Coffee Machine – One Cuppa At A Time

If you’re looking for a single serve coffee machine then the Senseo coffee machine should be in your list to review. So let’s spend some time enjoying and reading about the Senseo coffee machines and how they might fit in your home and your coffee outfit. Senseo is a subsidiary of the Dutch company Philips which is also a subsidiary of Sara Lee. Senseo is a specific coffee brewing system that we’ve talked about several times before. And we’ll talk about it some more here today. Unfortunately for Senseo but fortunately for us, Senseo lost their trademark for the Senseo coffee pods that they developed. Now we can use the Senseo coffee maker for coffee pod manufacturers other than Sara Lee who make the coffee pods for this machine.

In order to use coffee pods that are widely available for the most coffee makers look for the ESE mark. This is the Easy Serving Espresso pod that will likely be of use to your cappuccino machine. The Melitta coffee pods are examples of these ESE pods. The cialde Lavazza and the Lavazza blue are also some other espresso pods that will work with most machines.

Proprietary nature of the Senseo Coffee Machine

The Senseo coffee machine takes proprietary coffee pods that are made by a number of coffee pod manufacturers. The same is true for the Keurig coffee pods and Timothys k cups. These are also proprietary systems.

But today we are talking about Senseo coffee pods and the Senseo coffee maker. These Senseo pads as they are called in most of Europe do make a tasty cup of coffee or even a cappuccino if you are looking for something that is tasty and sweeter than you might be useful. Personally, I prefer the stricter coffee flavors of the Senseo coffee pod that they offer. And they now offer a very nice bold pack of their best dark roast coffees. You get the dark roast pods, the Kenya blend pods and the Sumatra blend and the espresso pods. Great choices if you are just starting off with your Senseo coffee machine.

So what are your choices amongst the single serve Senseo coffee machines. Thankfully not too many. And I say that with the utmost honesty. It seems lately, that the amount of cappuccino machines on the market has truly become bewildering with all of their different and unique features. So it is hard to figure out what you want and need. I know of more than one friend who has been so overwhelmed that he has not bought a new espresso machine because he just can’t figure out what he wants. Thankfully with these Senseo coffee makers that is not a problem. But before we take a quick boo at each of them, I just want to say that having a single serve coffee maker is not a bad idea. Especially if you want to offer guests a variety of choices. And the Senseo coffee machines will not cost you more than you’d pay for a nice coffee maker generally.

2 options for your Senseo Coffee Machine

Okay so what are the two options for your Senseo pod coffee maker? Basically you can have the basic Senseo coffee machine or the Senseo supreme coffee machine. And here’s what the differences are. The basic Senseo coffee machine will brew up to an 8 ounce beverage whereas the supreme will brew up to 10 ounces. The supreme also has a larger reservoir at 32 ounces instead of 20 ounces and the supreme will also brew hot chocolate and tea and has a very nice LCD display. If it were me I’d spring for the extra features and the extra dollars for the Senseo supreme coffee machine. At the end of the day it is a one time cost as the actual coffee pods are pretty inexpensive. You can have a single fresh cup of coffee for around thirty cents or less depending on where you buy your pods from.

And with Senseo, you’re getting the original single serve coffee machine. They were the ones that invented this whole process. And their coffee flavors for the most part are very delicious. Enjoy. You will like your Senseo coffee machine.