Saeco Talea – Super Automatic Espresso Machines

The Saeco Talea is a product line of Saeco coffee machines that offers a few choices of cappuccino machines that are all super automatic. If you’ve been following my other posts you’ll see the similarity of the Saeco Talea to the Saeco Odea. The Saeco Talea line up is very similar to the Odea line up. The Saeco Talea Giro Plus is the entry level coffee maker just like the Saeco Odea Go and the Saeco Talea Touch is like the Saeco Odea Giro.

Saeco is an Italian company that was the first coffee maker manufacturer to produce an automatic espresso machine for home use. In 2009 they were bought out by Philips. But not before they had bought out the esteemed Gaggia company in 1999.

With that brief introduction to the manufacturing company let’s take a look at the Saeco Talea coffee makers that they have available for us. You know that I’m quite a fan of the Saeco brand generally and especially of the round Saeco giro face that is becoming more prominent on most of their machines. The Saeco Talea line continues this tradition with a slight change in design.

The entry level Saeco Talea

We’ll start firstly with the entry level machine which is the Saeco Talea Giro. Unlike the Saeco Magic and the Saeco Aroma, which are manual espresso machines, the Saeco Talea Giro is an automatic espresso machine. Let’s explore some of the great features that are available in the Saeco Talea Giro.

The giro is the round dial that allows you to adjust the potency and taste profile of your coffee that you are making with the coffee machine. You can adjust the amount of espresso or coffee you want from a single espresso to a full cup of coffee.

All new Saeco machines come with the ceramic grinder which I quite like. No longer do you have to worry about what coffee grind setting you need to use for your beans as the ceramic grinder does it all for you. It is also inert unlike metal so it shouldn’t affect the coffee flavor profile at all. And as mentioned earlier you can use the Saeco Talea ring or giro to adjust the quantity of coffee in your beverage.

On a side note, the Saeco Talea Ring and Saeco Talea Ring Plus are just slightly up market Saeco Talea Giro machines with slightly different styles but not much different or better options.

New features of the Saeco Talea

Another new feature that is being introduced with the Saeco Talea line is the Milk Island. This is basically a container that sits to the side of the cappuccino maker and contains the milk. It draws steam from the machine through the Cappuccinatore to froth the milk before it froths it for your cappuccino or latte. It is easily detached for quick cleaning with soap and water.

The Saeco Talea Touch is a slightly refined version of the Saeco Taela Giro. It has a touch screen rather than a dial to adjust the quantity of coffee for your beverage. It also shares many of the other features we’ve spoken about in the Saeco Talea Giro.

My favorite feature of the Saeco Talea is the ceramic grinder. Everything else is pretty cool too, but the grinder is something unique with Saeco, and I like the idea of it over a metal grinder. The pannarello wand is cool too as is the design, but I just like that grinder most of all. Now the Saeco Talea, regardless of which model you choose is not an inexpensive machine. You’re looking at anywhere from one thousand dollars to two thousand dollars. But then again, the Saeco Talea┬áis a coffee machine that has been designed by BMW after all.