Saeco Primea – Automatic Super Duper Coffee Machine

The Saeco Primea is a line of Saeco automatic espresso machines. Saeco as a company has not been around for as long as many of the other espresso makers out there. In fact they were only formed in the early 1980s. But since that time, they’ve had a meteoric rise to fame and stardom. Well, at least in the coffee world they have. You’ll know from some of my other posts that Saeco was the first company to offer an automatic coffee machine for the home user. Quite a feat, when nowadays that is as common as kettles it seems in most homes. After doing extremely well in such a short time, it seems that the founders had enough, so they sold to Philips in 2009. Well done, and I’m sure they’re nicely set for the rest of their lives :O) I should mention also that it was an Italian company. Aren’t the best coffee makers Italian?

Rhetorical question. Anyway, you’re here because you want to know about the Saeco Primea Touch or perhaps the Saeco Primea Touch Plus which is what it is more commonly known as. Well let’s get to it. I’ll stop the rambling.

The Saeco Primea line

The Saeco Primea cappuccino machine is one of Saeco’s super automatic espresso machines, and this means that it does the whole beverage for you except perhaps pour the frothed milk and drink it! Though there are some espresso machines that will froth the milk and jettison it into your waiting cup. The Saeco Primea does just that. It has a built in Cappuccinatore that will make 2 cappuccinos at the push of one button. The milk is enclosed within the machine.

You’ll recognize the Saeco Primea from some of the other similarly designed Saeco espresso machines like the Saeco Odea, the Saeco Odea Go, the Saeco Incanto and the Saeco Talea. These are all super automatic Saeco coffee machines designed by the BMW group. Saeco’s manual coffee machines like the Saeco Magic and Saeco Aroma don’t offer these same design features. These manual coffee machines would be more difficult to design that way as they have the portafilter for one thing that sticks out.

As with most of the Saeco espresso machines, the Saeco Primea share many of the same features. One of the cool features offered by Saeco that I’m crazy about is the ceramic grinder. A simple idea, using an inert but strong material as a grinder to use as your coffee grind is quite ingenious. I love it and it promises to work well.

Additional features of the Saeco Primea

As I mentioned earlier, this Saeco Primea has an automatic milk frother to make cappuccinos automatically at the touch of just one button. They call this Touch2Cappuccino. Now with a machine with this advanced and proprietary technology, it won’t come cheap. Indeed, the Saeco Primea Touch Plus will set you back around $3200 according to the MSRP. The Saeco Primea Ring with an LCD screen rather than a touch screen will set you back about $2700 MSRP. But I’ve seen them for a good grand less than the recommended price if you’re willing to shop around a bit.

This Saeco Primea is a terrific cappuccino machine they have many of the same features that you’d come to expect from a variety of commercial espresso machines but they’re meant for home use. So don’t buy one thinking you’ll be setting up your coffee shop with it! But for personal use, if you’re looking for a great espresso machine that’ll do everything for you, you could do much worse.

The touch screen on this machine is quite different from many of the others one out there. It shows you icons of the different beverages that you might like to enjoy along with the different size options. I think that even your eight year old could use this machine to make you your favorite beverage. It’s that easy. However, as I always complain with most of these automatic espresso machines, the bean hoppers seem to be quite small. This one is not bad at 10 ounces, but as I’ve said before, I’d love to see more espresso makers being able to fill up a full pound of beans. Just like how we normally buy them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on the Saeco Primea. As you know from reading this site, I’m a fan of the Saeco brand. There are several posts on here about other Saeco machines. Many of these other posts will have additional information about the Saeco coffee makers that share similar features across the different lines. I encourage you to spend some time exploring those posts if you’d like to become more informed about the options amongst the Saeco espresso machines outside of the Saeco Primea.