All About The Saeco Magic Comfort

Today we’re going to talk about another Saeco coffee machine, the Saeco Magic Comfort. Saeco as I’ve mentioned before in other places is a reasonably new espresso maker, only having been founded in 1981. But they started off quickly and boldly, becoming the first coffee maker to introduce the automatic cappuccino machine for home use. This was in 1985. They’ve become widely known for their innovation in the coffee market. They produce both personal coffee machines and commercial espresso machines. Saeco is an Italian company and they make a ton of great, reliable and well priced espresso machines for both home and business use.

In 1999 they bought out Gaggia and in 2009 they became part of the Dutch conglomerate of Philips. Philips as you might know manufactures the Philips Senseo coffee pods and the Senseo coffee machine. So being part of the Dutch giant you’d expect some good things not only of the Senseo coffee maker but now the Saeco coffee machines that we’ll be talking about.

What’s in the Saeco Magic Comfort?

So what can you expect from the Saeco Magic Comfort Plus or the Saeco Magic Comfort. The Saeco Magic as a line of coffee machines were introduced quite a while ago now. This Saeco espresso machine was introduced to the public in 1994, and by 1996 they were strong sellers. Even today they sell well. Not only because the price is great at around $300 to $500 depending on whether you get the plus or the standard version of these coffee makers.

The Saeco Magic Comfort is my kind of coffee machine. Mostly because I’m a huge fan of the manual espresso maker rather than the automatic or super automatic espresso machines. These manual pump driven machines are terrific. They fit most folks budgets and they’re more dependable in my experience. This makes sense, because the more moving mechanical parts you put into a machine, the more opportunities there are for things to go wrong. Besides which, I just love grinding my own coffee, enjoying the aromas, measuring out my coffee and determining the strength I want by allowing the amount of water that I want to come through.

And with the Saeco Magic Comfort you can do all of that easily. And if you get tired of doing it all yourself, these machines will take the ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) pods so you can turn this machine into a semi-automatic espresso maker.

Neat additional features of the Saeco Magic Comfort

The Saeco Magic Comfort also has some pretty neat features. On top of the machine is an electric cup warmer and with the Plus comes the Saeco Cappuccinatore which froths and steams the milk fro your cappuccino or latte and dispenses it into your mug after the espresso shots. And lastly, if you love Illy brand of coffee, the Saeco Magic Comfort has a button to optimize the brewing for Illy coffee pods or Illy espresso coffee.

Overall, this is a great espresso machine that I think should be on your list of options especially if you are looking at buying a manual coffee maker for your home. Manual machines have always been my personal choice for making the best espresso based beverages. Nevertheless, if you’re looking at automatic machines, you could do worse than consider the Saeco Odea Go, the Saeco Incanto, the Saeco Talea or the mighty Saeco Magic Comfort.