A Look At The Saeco Magic Cappuccino Machine

The Saeco Magic Cappuccino machine is on the menu today. How do you like your espresso cappuccino? We’ll take a look at the features of one of these semi automatic espresso machines. The Saeco Magic Cappuccino machines is available at Amazon for a hair under $300 as I write this. Current prices are always shown on Amazon when you visit them. But with that out of the way, let’s take a look at the features of this Saeco cappuccino machine and also a few of the drawbacks if there are any 😉 Of course there are, I haven’t yet met an espresso machine that hasn’t had at least one or two drawbacks.

Features of the Saeco Magic Cappuccino machine

Okay, let’s begin with the features of this version of Saeco coffee machines. The Saeco Magic Comfort as I mentioned before is a semi automatic cappuccino machine. If you have chosen your coffee grind for your espresso coffee beans already, then you can just quickly add them to the portafilter. If you’re looking for a recommendation, then I’m a fan of authentic Italian coffee beans like Lavazza Rossa or Lavazza Blue. The portafilter is pressurized so that you can adjust the amount of water you’d like to have pass through the ground coffee. It is also large enough to make up to 2 espresso based beverages. As with most like Saeco cappuccino machines like the Saeco Odea, the Saeco Magic Comfort Plus has what they call a Bon-temp cup warming surface so that you can pre-warm your espresso cups and saucers if you’d like. You’d be surprised at how pleasant this actually is. A small thing, but it keeps your espresso warm while waiting for the milk to froth.

Speaking of which, the Saeco Magic Comfort has a Panarello wand frothing unit so it can froth the milk automatically for you. One of the other features that I quite like in the Saeco Magic Cappuccino machine is that it has a pretty large water tank that is easily removable. It is 68 ounces or 2 liters. This is bigger than most, especially most espresso makers at this price point.

Drawbacks of the Saeco Magic Cappuccino Machine

There are just a couple of frustrations with this unit that I must draw your attention to. With the Saeco Magic Cappuccino machine, though this can also be said with the Saeco Aroma, until you get comfortable with it, you might find the steaming device tricky to use and somewhat slow in frothing milk. Also at this price point, you are getting limited features. But then on the other hand this is a solid machine that is pretty easy to use, thanks to limited features, and will serve most espresso home makers. You just can’t get super fancy with it.

I should also add that you can use coffee pods, like espresso pods or the cialde Lavazza (that’s Italian for coffee pod)! And I’m a big fan of semi automatic espresso machines as I like to play around with coffee grind, tamping of the coffee etc. Speaking of which, you might like to pick up some espresso machine accessories especially an espresso tamper for your Saeco Magic Comfort.

Lastly, if you like the Saeco brand of cappuccino makers then you might want to check out the Seaco Talea, the Saeco Odea, the Saeco Primea , the Saeco Incanto as well. These are all great Saeco coffee makers, but those are their automatic espresso machines. But boy are they good looking. Though in ending, you could do worse than choosing the Saeco Magic Cappuccino machine available at Amazon.

You can also adjust the dosage or strength of coffee you’d like for each beverage. It does this through both the amount of water and pressure of the water that it pushes through your espresso beans. The Saeco Magic cappuccino also offers very healthy 15 bars of pressure for strong and robust espresso if you need it that way. Many cappuccino machines are around 6 to 9 bars of pressures, so this does give you som room for espresso strength personalization.