Saeco Coffee

I’ve written about Saeco coffee before. So we can consider this an overview if you will of the Saeco coffee brand, which will include talking about, to a large degree, Saeco coffee machines and Saeco espresso machines as that is what they are most well known for. I’ve written about a lot of the Saeco semi automatic espresso machines that are out there, but by no mean all of them. I hope to use this opportunity to write about a couple more that we haven’t explored together. At the end of this post you’ll find a list of additional posts that might be of interest to you if you’re looking for more information about a specific Saeco espresso machine.

Saeco is one of the better Italian automatic espresso machine manufacturers and as you’ve likely read in a few of my other posts they’re an extraordinary success story. Starting as late as 1981, they quickly had some early wins, one of which was being the first coffee maker manufacturer to offer the automatic espresso machine for home use. Then they pounced on the opportunity to buy Gaggia, makers of the famous Gaggia Baby and Gaggia Evolution. They in turn are now owned by Philips who have been kind enough to introduce us to the Senseo coffee maker, coffee pods and other single serve coffee machine treats.

Saeco coffee automatic espresso machine

The top of the line Saeco coffee machine as I write this is the Saeco Xelsis. For around $3500 you too can own one, and you’ll get a truly, fully automatic cappuccino machine that will wipe the foam from your mustache after you’ve enjoyed your cappuccino. Okay, maybe I exaggerate about the wiping of the mustache, but other than that, this machine does it all, including frothing your milk every which way to Sunday.

The Saeco super automatic espresso machine also has 6 user profiles that can keep track of your 6 favorite beverages. The Xelsis stainless steel automatic cappuccino machine is also made with stainless steel as the name would suggest, that is also highlighted with chrome accents. This espresso machine from Saeco coffee will put your BMW to shame. Speaking of which, the Saeco Odea, Saeco Talea and Saeco Primea have all been designed by BMW anyway. Lastly, the Xelsis, like most of the espresso machines by Saeco coffee offers opti-dose, which allows you to determine the amount of espresso you want per drink from 7 grams to a little over 10 grams. Available at Amazon for some decent savings and at other fine establishments.

Saeco coffee manual cappuccino maker

If you prefer to play around with your coffee and prefer a manual espresso machine, and perhaps you also use a manual coffee grinder or perhaps a KitchenAid coffee grinder then Saeco coffee has something for you too. You only have 3 choices in the Saeco manual cappuccino machine line up but that should be plenty. You’ll also pay less than a tenth for even the high end Saeco manual espresso maker than you would for the Saeco Xelsis. So there are savings all around. That way you can spend your savings on some nice espresso machine accessories like a nice Rattleware espresso tamper, Vaneli espresso tamper or Reg Barber espresso tamper. You could splurge on some nice 100 Kona coffee beans to try in your coffee maker.

Okay, so what are your choices for Saeco coffee manual machines? At the top end you have the Saeco Via Venezia for around $400 or less if you find some great savings at Amazon or other places. The Saeco Aroma is available in a stainless steel model which is a nice option but involves an additional premium, and it appears that the Saeco Nina is not listed currently on the Saeco coffee website.

As many of you know, I currently have a manual espresso machine. I enjoy roasting, testing and tweaking my coffee on an ongoing basis. However, you could have an automatic espresso machine and use a stove top espresso maker for your tests. The most important thing is to be comfortable with your choice and not to try and go beyond what you really need. The great thing about a manual espresso machine is that you can use espresso pods to try different types of coffees and this will allow you to quickly and easily make good coffee without the headache and hassle of spillage. Regardless of which way you decide to go, Saeco coffee will likely have something to suit your tastes.