Rockstar vs Coffee

I have always been a coffee lover and I always make sure that I have a good supply of java in my home. There are two reasons why I love drinking coffee. The first and main reason is because I genuinely enjoy the taste and its flavour is something that I look forward to every time that I know that I am going to get a good cup. Because of that I make sure that I have a supply of the best tasting coffee that I can afford. The other reason why I drink coffee is because I need it in order to stay alert. Its caffeine content gives me the crucial stimulant to keep me up and running when I need it the most.

Lately however there has been a trend going around regarding energy drinks. The manufacturers of these drinks claim that they can provide the boost of energy level to an individual who needs it at the most crucial moment. I was thrilled when I first learned about these drinks. If what they claim is true then that means that I can use that drink and prolong the hours that I am working. Then I read somewhere that those drinks give out nothing new. They just have high caffeine content and that is the main active ingredient that acts on the body. So if those drinks are just another source of caffeine then they are just like coffee. I wanted to find out more because if energy drinks can really bring in benefits and advantages then I will definitely use them, but if not then why should I?

Rockstar vs Coffee- Rockstar is one of the more popular energy drinks that are available right now. One reason for the popularity of this drink is the rich balance of vitamins and herbs that it provides for the individual. It contains Guarana which is very high in caffeine content. If energy drinks are loaded with vitamins and other healthy ingredients then does that means that they are a lot better than coffee? I seriously considered this question because if I found out that it can indeed provide more benefits than just regular coffee then I was going to use it in order to keep myself alert when working.

I did some research in order to find out which is better of the two drinks and it turns out that I couldn’t really pick a clear winner. I guess that means that it is a tie between the two drinks. When it comes to the caffeine content they can deliver the same amount of the substance. About the other benefits of energy drinks that can be cancelled out by the fact that these drinks are known to cause problems after prolonged use. If that is the case then I guess I should stick with my coffee drink. If I don’t see an overwhelming advantage for switching to Rockstar or any other energy drink then I am not going to do that because I still prefer the taste of coffee.