Red Coffee Maker – A Splash Of Color In Your Coffee Maker

A red coffee maker can be a stylish appliance to add a splash of color for any home. Red is a bold and compelling color for any home. In Chinese culture red is a color of success and opportunity. In Japan red is a heroic color. In South East Asia, red is the color of wealth and beauty and the goddess Lakshmi. The same can also be said for many African countries where the color red is seen as a symbol of health and life.

Of course, sometimes the color red has other less pleasant connotations. But for this post we’ll focus on the positive aspects of red. I mean, if you’re interested in red coffee makers, then you’re attracted to red, and we’re usually only attracted to those things that we enjoy or give us some pleasure. So for all intents and purposes, red is thus a positive experience for us.

In researching for a red coffee maker, I was quite surprised by the number of red coffee makers that are actually available. The choices are wide and varied. Not only is there the Cuisinart red coffee maker and the Kitchenaid red coffee maker, you can also get them in a variety of sizes too, like the 4 cup red coffee maker.

A red coffee maker for the office?

There is also an office coffee maker available in red and you can get a dual coffee maker in red too. You can practically get your choice of coffee maker in red, in pretty much any design and style you are looking for. Let’s take some specific looks at different brands of coffee makers and styles to give you an idea of what you can find for your red coffee maker that you’re looking for.

I’ll start with the one I like the best. My favorite espresso machine is the DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima single serve espresso maker in red. This cappuccino maker is a terrifically designed machine and as the name suggests is a single serve espresso maker. It uses the proprietary Nespresso capsules which in my mind is a small drawback. But if you’re okay with that, this is a terrific red coffee maker. One of the best benefits of any single serve espresso maker is you don’t have to worry about adjusting the coffee grind for any coffee beans as they’re all done for you. Nespresso capsules work similarly to Timothy’s k cups and Senseo coffee pods.

As for just a regular coffee maker that doesn’t do espresso, my favorite is the Hamilton Beach ensemble 12 cup coffeemaker. This is a very nicely priced and and stylish red coffee maker. For around forty bucks this blood red coffee maker makes a nice impression and includes a programmable clock that you can use to have “wake up” coffee ready in the morning. A very nice feature.

A red coffee maker French press style

And lastly, for those of you who like a French press coffee, there is the Bodum chambord French coffee press available in red too. This is an 8 cup coffee press that is made of metal and not plastic. It also has Bodum’s terrific 3 part stainless steel coffee filter system and has nicely styled domed red lid.

So if you’re looking for a red coffee maker I hope you find one you like. There really are an abundance of choices for you as you can see by just the few we’ve touched on. Red is becoming a more popular color for appliances and home decor and a daily basis and with good reason. A red coffee maker is elegant, passionate and adds a much needed splash of color to most home environments.