Reclaimed Barnwood Coffee Table and Other Furniture

Everything is being recycled these days. From bottles to plastics, to papers, everything is being reused. It is part of the effort to save the environment and to conserve our resources. In some cases it is also a matter of aesthetics. Using reclaimed wood is an example of reusing something because of beauty and the way things look. Reclaimed wood are pieces that have been taken down from an old church, factory, barn or any other structure that has been taken down of reconstructed. Reclaimed wood has character and style that can never be achieved by ordinary pieces of wood.

The practice of using reclaimed wood has been around for a long time but it was only in the 1970s when the practice really began to take off. That was the time when people started to realize that using reclaimed wood has certain advantages over the use of ordinary pieces of wood. For one thing, people liked to talk about the character that old wood has. Especially in cases where the pieces were taken from a really old building it would have history that can not be matched by ordinary building materials.

A reclaimed barnwood coffee table is just one type of furniture that has been made from reclaimed pieces. A coffee table naturally becomes the centerpiece of the living room and it is perhaps one of the most important piece of furnishing in the home. A coffee table made from reclaimed barnwood would have a lot of character to it and it is a must for anyone who appreciates history.

Reclaimed wood can also be used for cabinets, especially for displaying antiques and other pieces of decoration that would have the same age as it does. Other popular uses for reclaimed wood are for wood flooring, paneling, and sliding. Old wood is the favorite of architects since it automatically adds character to the place that they are designing,

There are also certain types of wood that are no longer available from lumber and can only be obtained as reclaimed timber or wood, This is the case with the American chestnut which was virtually wiped out early in the 20th century. Despite its scarcity chestnut is still a favorite of designers because of its beautiful grain.

If you are thinking of using reclaimed wood for you construction then the best chance that you have is with old barns that are spread out in the American countryside. Barns that were built in the 19th century would be built with very good timber that would make a high quality source for wood projects like houses and furniture. Pieces of wood that were hand hewn makes a great addition to any home or furniture design.

One way to get your hand on some great pieces of wood that can be reclaimed is by helping out those who are rebuilding their barn. Most of these people would be glad to have those old pieces taken out of their hands. You would be doing them a favor.