Rancilio Espresso Machine

Okay, quickly, before I get into this article on the Rancilio espresso machine, which country do you think makes these beauties? If you answered Italy you’re one hundred percent correct. Rancilio espresso is from Italy and as has been the case with many coffee makers from Italy, such as the Gaggia Baby, Gaggia Evolution and Gaggia Titanium, it seems that Italians like their companies to take their names too. Achille Gaggia for Gaggia and Roberto Rancilio for the Rancilio coffee machine.

Rancilio founded his Rancilio espresso machine company in 1927 and they’ve been going strong ever since. They have a huge command of the commercial espresso machines market which is good for us, because their home use espresso machines make use of this technology and quality. So arguably, they are probably one of the most reliable makers of the home cappuccino machine that you can buy. Having said that though, you’ll spend a few bucks more on a Rancilio Silvia espresso machine than you would say on a similar DeLonghi coffee maker. But I bet you’ll be pleased as punch as to how it performs over the years of service it gives you.

The special quality of the Rancilio espresso machine

So what makes the Rancilio espresso machine so special? A few things really and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. But we’ll focus on their most popular line of home espresso makers which is the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. This Rancilio espresso machine is just a joy to use. Easy push button operation, you can probably figure it out without looking at any instruction manuals.

And once you open up the box, you know that you are dealing with a professional, quality made product. Its body for instance is fully stainless steel, so it has a weighty-ness to it that feels good. The portafilter and chrome plated group cover are heavy and sturdy but more than that, they are also ergonomically designed. Taking their design from the professional Rancilio cappuccino machines that many of your favorite coffee franchises employ.

Additional benefits of the Rancilio espresso machine

Additionally, with the optional coffee capsule adaptor kit, you can enjoy your coffee capsules as well. So if you’re a fan of the Keurig coffee pods, or Senseo coffee pods or Timothy’s K cups, you can enjoy them all. This is a really neat feature that I haven’t seen on any other machines as of yet. Regardless, even if you opt not to take the coffee capsule adaptor kit, you can still enjoy ground espresso or espresso pods, as the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine will take the ESE coffee pods easily and quickly. The steam nozzle, drip tray and steam knob are all professional quality and made of stainless steel too. This Rancilio espresso machine is an all around great machine.

If you want to go all out. And this is a route I’d recommend, especially if you’re looking to buy the Rancilio espresso machine, then you might as well get the Rancilio Rocky. You’re practically buying a commercial quality coffee machine, so you might as well enjoy commercial quality coffee beverages and that means making sure you have a terrific grinder to go along with it. This is the Rancilio Rocky, a burr grinder that could even be used in coffee shops. The two of them are sold together at a discount, so look for the Rancilio Silvia Rocky. That’s your all in one coffee package right there.

This is a great coffee bean burr grinder that is bound to last you longer than you’d imagine. Additionally it holds your portafilter in place while it doses the ground coffee. So you have the perfect set up. Just place your portafilter in the coffee grinder’s holder. Grind the perfect dose of coffee which is 7 grams. Tamp it down, lock the portafilter into place and in under 3 minutes you’ll have your perfect espresso beverage. That’s from start to finish with the Rancilio espresso machine!