Potless Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are made in all shapes and sizes these days. Some have very modern features like programmable timers, and built-in coffee grinders. Others are still quite simple and straightforward, they just heat and get the flavor out of the beans and make sure that the coffee stays hot and that’s it. One of the best coffee makers that I have seen in recent years is the potless coffee maker. It is the most efficient way to make my favorite drink and I love efficiency in everything. Now here are some of the best potless coffee makers that are available in the market. You go ahead and try them and see if you don’t agree with me on this one.

Cuisinart DCC 2000 Coffee Maker- This is an on demand 12-c up coffee maker that does not have a carafe. All you have to do is to press on the lever to deliver the coffee, per cup.The beverage is stored inside on a reservoir that is double walled. It utilizes a unique gauge system with a display on the front, which tells you right away how many cups are still available. This is an intelligent machine that you can program for a 24 hour period. It could be the most elegant looking addition to your kitchen with its stainless steel body that has been brushed to perfection. You can get his coffee maker for as low as 94.98.

Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Coffee Maker- With this superior coffee maker from Hamilton Beach you don’t have to pour the beverage so there’s no risk of any spill. There’s no carafe! All you have to do is to place your cup on the right spot and you could see it get filled with your favorite drink. The coffee is kept warm inside a special reservoir in the machine. It is also equipped with a programmable timer that let’s you brew the coffee even while you are sleeping. Coffee doesn’t have to be messy with Hamilton Beach.

Hamilton Beach Brew Station Coffee Maker- This is one of the more popular brands of coffee makers that are available today. Made by Hamilton Beach which is one of the most trusted names when it comes to coffee makers, you know that this product could really give you a good cup of coffee each time that you use it. The no carafe feature makes it very efficient as well since the coffee is directly poured in to your drinking cup. There has been some reports that the reservoir for the coffee inside the machine will start to leak after a month of use but that may just be a fluke.

There are other great potless coffee makers that are available today. If you really want to find out more about them you can check reviews on other models for more information. I would suggest that you go for the well known brands and not to try out something new just because it’s cheaper. In the long run they might cost you more.