Philips Senseo Touch

Mmmm… Good coffee from the Philips Senseo Touch, that is what this is all about. Today we talk about another popular single serve coffee maker, my good friend the Senseo coffee maker. For those of you who are unaware, I write a lot about different coffee makers on this blog as well as cappuccino machines and espresso machine accessories etc. And I’ve written my fair share about the Philips Senseo Touch too. The Senseo coffee machine is a coffee maker that takes coffee pods or as they’re called in Europe, coffee pads.

An overview of the Philips Senseo Touch

Now these aren’t strictly your ESE coffee pods or espresso pod that you might be used to in ¬†your cappuccino machine. Although I’ve made the espresso pods from my espresso machine fit the Philips Senseo coffee maker, including making my Lavazza coffee pods work in there, the real Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods are a little different in size and shape. So you’ll have the best results using Senseo coffee pods in your Philips Senseo Touch.

Unlike the Keurig coffee maker which takes Keurig coffee pods or more specifically the Keurig K cups, the Philips Senseo coffee machine coffee pods are not proprietary. In fact, Senseo lost a court battle to have their Senseo coffee pods deemed proprietary. This is good for us, as you can now get many different varieties of coffee pods that will fit your Senseo pod coffee maker. Some of the ones that you might like to try would include Millstone coffee pods, Folgers coffee pods and Melitta coffee pods. You could also make your own Green Mountain coffee pods from Green Mountain whole coffee beans if you have a coffee pod maker, as the traditional Green Mountain coffee pods are actually Green Mountain K cups.

Your choices for the Philips Senseo Touch

Okay, so you’ve got a good understanding of the Philips Senseo coffee pods and the Philips Senseo coffee machine, but let’s talk a little more specifically about the Philips Senseo Touch. The Philips Senseo Touch can really mean one of the two Senseo coffee machines that are out there at the moment. I say this, because both of the Senseo single serve coffee makers can make coffee from the touch of a button. The entry level machine is the Senseo Original or also known as the Philips Senseo HD7810. It’s a good machine, but I’d choose the Senseo New Generation.

Here’s why. For around 130 to 150 dollars you get a Philips Senseo Touch that gives you fresh coffee every time which tastes great. And for those who don’t want coffee, there are the hot chocolate coffee pods and tea coffee pods if you can call them that. But what the Philips Senseo HD7832 offers which the Senseo Original doesn’t, is a larger water reservoir, selectable water volume so you can choose how big a coffee beverage you want to enjoy and an adjustable spout so you can place your favorite and biggest mug underneath.

Either of the Philips Senseo Touch coffee makers will be a welcome addition to your home. There is a great variety of coffee pods available from many vendors and you can also make your own coffee pods quite easily with a simple coffee pod maker and that way you can choose the types of coffee beans you want to enjoy. 100 Kona coffee, Brazilian coffee, heck, even espresso coffee beans can be turned into coffee pods. Both of these Philips Senseo Touch coffee machines are available at Amazon and both are worthy of your consideration.