Philips Senseo Coffee Maker

We’re back talking about the Philips Senseo coffee maker. If you’ve browsed around this little here blog, you’ll know that I’ve spoken quite a bit about both the Keurig coffee pods as well as the Senseo coffee maker. You can check out the corresponding posts by clicking on the links. Today I want to add a little bit more to that fountain of knowledge that we’re developing on the coffee pods machines and their varieties. There are more than just the Keurig single serve coffee maker and the Senseo pod coffee maker. There is also the Nescafe coffee machine which is a single serve coffee maker like the other two, except that it is meant more for espresso based beverages and the price of the Nescafe Dolce Gusto single serve coffee machine is a bit more expensive than either the Philips Senseo coffee maker or the Keurig coffee machine.

Anyway, the two most popular single serve coffee makers on the market right now are the Philips Senseo coffee machine and the Keurig single serve coffee maker. There is also the Melitta coffee maker but as far as Philips Senseo coffee makers go, I don’t recommend this particular machine even though it takes the Senseo coffee pods. Reviews haven’t been kind to this machine and it is not less expensive than the Philips Senseo coffee maker.

Back to the Philips Senseo coffee maker

So let’s turn our attention to the Philips Senseo pod coffee maker and have a look at what our options are for this particular machine. Here I’m talking about buying the actual machine from Philips. Philips who incidentally bought out Senseo and that is why the Senseo pod coffee maker is also called the Philips coffee pod maker.

Currently, the Senseo coffee maker is available in two versions. The is the Philips Senseo coffee maker Original and the Philips Senseo coffee maker New Generation. Think Star Trek replicator 🙂 The Senseo Original also known specifically as the Senseo HD7810 coffee maker is their entry level machine. An excellent first choice if you’re just looking for easy, quick coffee and espresso based beverages in under a minute. Both machines take the coffee pod and espresso pods offered by Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods, or the Senseo coffee pods for short, as well as others offered by third party manufacturers. There is a ton of choice to be had here. Green Mountain coffee pods won’t work in the Philips Senseo coffee maker, but you could buy the Green Mountain whole coffee beans and make your own coffee pods to fit.

At around 80 dollars, this Senseo Original is conveniently priced for a convenient coffee. Clean up is simple with dishwasher safe parts. Though to be honest, if you are interested in the Philips Senseo coffee maker, I would rather suggest you spring for the Senseo New Generation otherwise known as the Senseo HD7832. The Philips Senseo New Generation is around 150 dollars but you get a lot more versatility and added features. Let’s go through some of them.

The better Philips Senseo coffee maker

This Philips Senseo coffee maker allows for a variety of volume settings. From 3 ounce espresso shots all the way up to a hearty 10 ounce mug of your favorite coffee beverage. Not only that, but it has an interactive LCD display which is missing on the Senseo Original and the Senseo New Generation allows for a movable spout so you can fit different sized cups or mugs under it. Lastly, the New Generation has a 33% larger water tank so you can make one third more beverages without having to refill. This tank is 32 ounces large, which is almost 1 liter.

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to enjoy fresh coffee in under a minute every time, any day of the week, then you should take a look at the Philips Senseo coffee maker. The Philips Senseo coffee maker is convenient and allows you to entertain multiple guests offering everyone their very own personal cup of coffee with hardly any mess or clean up.