Personal Coffee Maker

All of us think we have a personal coffee maker at home. But after reading this, I think you’ll appreciate the fact that perhaps all of us don’t have personal coffee makers and that a personal coffee maker is actually something a little different than our Zojirushi coffee maker or your Breville coffee machine. A personal coffee maker is really considered to be something smaller and more portable than what we usually have as our 10 cup coffee maker or 12 cup coffee maker or even those extra large 14 cup coffee makers. I wrote recently about the 2 cup coffee maker and that is something I’d consider to be more in line with a personal coffee maker.

What the personal coffee maker is not

The personal coffee maker excludes automatic espresso machines and semi automatic espresso machines like the Gaggia Carezza or DeLonghi Magnifica. Though having said that, DeLonghi makes a couple of dual coffee makers that although not single serve coffee makers they are smaller than the usual coffee makers that you’d likely have at home.

This kind of dual coffee maker usually has a manual espresso machine as well as a small drip brew coffee maker that would be probably a 4 cup coffee maker or 6 cup coffee maker version. They’re super handy if you’re looking for a single unit that has both espresso capabilities and coffee making capabilities. They’re small and compact in design and take up less space than buying an espresso machine and a coffee maker separately.

3 options for a personal coffee maker

So that’s an option for a personal coffee maker if you’re looking for making espresso cappuccino as well as regular coffee. If you’re just looking for making coffee there are options for those too. I’ve used a Melitta coffee maker for example or a Melitta coffee filter holder as a one cup coffee maker and it worked like a charm. This was back in my college days and I loved it. You’re notĀ entertainingĀ much and so this simple unit was all I needed. This type of 1 cup coffee maker set up is likely to be the cheapest you’ll find out there. I still have one that I use on occasion when I just want an easy and quick way to make a cup of coffee.

A second option for a persona cup coffee maker is to use a stainless steel French press or more specifically a French press mug that you can use as a French press travel mug. This way you can quickly make your French press coffee in the morning and dash away with it on the go. Not only that, this is much more environmentally friendly than using paper coffee cups or other disposable coffee cups. Plus most coffee shops will give you a discount for bringing in your own coffee mug for an coffee purchase you make. I have a stainless steel coffee press that I use as a coffee cup press to take with me when I am on the run or traveling a lot. It works very well.

Lastly, there is the personal coffee maker that make coffee via the drip coffee maker method. These are handy for couples who live alone and each prefer a different type of espresso coffee bean or different type of roast. You can brew two cups of coffee with such a personal coffee maker and you’ll be able to brew different type of ground coffee beans too. So if you like 100 Kona coffee, go for it. Enjoy your coffee while your partner enjoys their Brazilian coffee or other style of coffee.

You’ll find these types of coffee makers widely available at different department stores as well as online at places like Amazon. I hope this short post has been helpful in helping you to focus on the type of personal coffee maker that you’d like.