Oval Coffee Table

Coffee tables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes including perhaps the less popular oval coffee table. I say less popular because most folks go for the more unified shapes. The round coffee table is an example of that as is the square coffee table and the rectangular coffee table. Today though, we’ll talk exclusively about the oval coffee tables and why they are becoming more popular. To be fair, we will likely have to bring in other coffee tables as supporting cast members as it is quite hard to compare something all by itself, it helps to have something to compare it too.

As you probably know, I have an oak coffee table and I’m a huge fan of wooden coffee tables including the pine coffee table. The joy of speaking about the shape of a coffee table is that it can very often and in fact it is very often applicable to the wide varieties of materials that are available for coffee tables generally. So if you’re interested in the oval coffee table you will likely be able to find it as a glass coffee table as well as a wooden coffee table depending on your preference, and probably in many other materials too. In fact, as I write this I realize that I’ve seen an oval marble coffee table too.

If I were to get a glass top coffee table I’d probably choose an oval glass coffee table. Less hard edges and a more fluid shape and appearance, but that’s just me.

From the research I have done, an oval coffee table is often longer than it is shorter. By this I mean, that an oval coffee table would probably be something to consider if you were looking at a rectangular coffee table rather than a square one. This just makes sense, as the table would likely go parallel to your longest couch. It is also difficult to design an oval coffee table that would work as a side table or end table. That is again just my opinion, but from the ones that I’ve seen that try to do this, I think you lose a lot of the functionality.

Different styles of oval coffee table

From many of the different styles of oval coffee tables I’ve seen, I do like the wooden oval coffee tables. Most of them have a second shelf that mirrors the table top close to the bottom of the legs. This is a great feature for putting magazines, books and perhaps other trinkets or the remote controls onto.

As with other tables, the oval coffee table has been pushed to some neat design limits. Depending on the designer of choice you can get some neatly designed oval tables such as the Walker Edison wave oval coffee table with a glass top. This has 2 step up shelves under the main glass top that look very elegant and wave-like.

Other options in choosing an oval coffee table

There are of course other options too, such as a wrought iron oval coffee table with solid iron legs. It seems to me that most materials from nature such as iron, glass and wood go well together. Though I’ve always preferred the wood look.

Something I haven’t seen in the oval coffee table is the lift top coffee table option, but that wouldn’t make a lot of sense to me in an oval table anyway. And of course if you’re interested in a black glass coffee table you can find those available in an oval shape as you can a white coffee table. Although truth be told, you could just as easily paint any oval coffee table you wanted whatever color you wanted too.

The point I’m really trying to make is that the oval coffee table although not as common as its round or square coffee table cousins is nonetheless available in a variety of options. And depending on how you choose the table, you’ll find the prices for oval coffee tables to be similar to other tables of similar size. Expect to pay anywhere from a hundred dollars or so on up for a single oval coffee table.