Office Coffee Machine

If you’re looking for an office coffee machine, then I hope to offer you some tips and advice that might help you in finding the right type of office coffee maker. We’ll look at some different types of businesses and what kinds of office coffee machines might be the best for specific sized businesses. We’ll also look at office coffee makers if you’re self employed or if you only have a couple of employees. You don’t necessarily need to buy any of those commercial espresso machines in order to get something of good quality that will meet the needs of your office.

I’ve looked at a bunch of different office coffee machines on this blog and I encourage you to take a look at some of them as we explore some of your options. One thing I wouldn’t recommend for any of you is to buy a cappuccino machine that takes coffee pods. These are great for home use but would create giant headaches for your office coffee machine.

Tips on finding an office coffee machine

The coffee pods, or most often espresso pods are used in semi automatic espresso machines. They’re convenient but you’ll find that they take some time to learn and to use properly. That’s likely too much time you’re employees will be spending away from doing work. Not only that, most of these machines like the Rancilio espresso machine are not meant for quantity production either and thus wouldn’t be suitable as an office coffee machine. And you’ll likely find that some of your employees who enjoy their commercial coffee machine won’t keep it clean and some infighting will occur. It’ll be problematic.

The same can be said for the Senseo pod coffee maker which takes Senseo coffee pods which are somewhat different to regular espresso pods. Along with Keurig coffee pods or K cups as they’re also known and these include Timothy’s K cups, which both fit the Keurig coffee maker, these two styles of coffee are meant as single serve coffee machines for home use and also wouldn’t work as an office coffee machine unless you had a very small office. If you want to offer your employees these kinds of choices you’d be better off to go with a coffee vending machine or coffee vending machines if you have a large company. Not only will this offer tea and hot chocolate along with a variety of coffee options but you’ll likely get some free coffee samples to go along with it too.

Options for an office coffee machine

Now having said that, if you’re just a small boutique firm of a couple of architects or a small boutique advertising agency, a couple of these options might work for you. Even better, and if you want to treat your customers as well as your employees to some really great coffee, you can buy a super automatic espresso machine or two. Something like the Saeco Primea, Saeco Talea Touch or Saeco Talea Giro are viable choices from the Saeco coffee company. There are also some great machines from DeLonghi like the DeLonghi Magnifica, and if you want to go a little higher end than that you can go for a Jura coffee machine. Any of these would make a terrific office coffee machine.

For the smaller firms like we’ve just mentioned, DeLonghi coffee makers, or Bunn coffee makers or even the Zojirushi coffee maker are all excellent choices if most of your partners and clients just like to drink coffee. Some of these are bean to cup coffee machines so you’ll have fresh coffee every time. For larger companies and corporations, the coffee vending machine will likely be the best choice for both coffee and latte type beverages. The company that will set you up with your coffee vending machines will also provide you with all of your coffee supplies and the monthly agreements for these machines and supplies are quite reasonable and will usually include some sort of maintenance agreement. Now if you have many small departments, you can of course go the route I was recommending for the smaller boutique firms.

The last point I’d like to make about setting up an office coffee machine for your company is that you are really trying to accommodate sometimes two opposing interests. The first is that you want to offer this coffee feature of quality coffee beverages as a perk for employees and customers but at the same time not encourage employees taking too much time away from their work to either get their espresso beverages or make those coffee beverages. That’s the rub and the fine line that has to be met in determining which office coffee machine is best for you.